Centipede stories?

 So in my 17 years living in Hawaii I have managed to only have close calls and one small bite from a baby.  Last night that all changed.  While sorting laundry in my laundry room one centipede (about 2-3 ft long and 30lbs) launched an unprovoked attack on my middle finger.  Being the tough guy I am I just put some ice on it and tried not to complain.  Well this picture is 6 hours old and my entire pink hand is swollen now.  I am thinking I made need life-flight to take me from my compound in Palolo valley.  Local brown people I ask you.....how long do I have to live?

Yikes. Looks like it's about to split like a hot dog that was cooked too long.

I'm no expert (read: haole), but I'd say get out the hatchet and stop the spreading. Sorry friend, but at least it's the left hand. :(

Wth? I'm fading fast here! Should I pee on it? Maybe better my girl should pee on it since she is brown?

My wife got bit on her foot for the first time about 2 months ago. At the time she was saying it was the worst pain she had ever experienced and said that's saying alot, because she has a very high pain tolerance (like all women claim).

It swelled and turned red, and for a few hours we were considering the hospital because she was in agony, and because we weren't sure which ones were venomous.

In the end it hurt for about 3 days and was fine after that. Apparently it can kill humans, but mostly babies and kids because the pain is so great it can cause anaphylactic shock.

T.Jay Thompson -  

Homoshopped imo...

But if not RIP :(

To bad it didn't bite TJ in teh cack, then he'd look like the average RGer!

jjd - To bad it didn't bite TJ in teh cack, then he'd look like the average RGer!

This is just about the nicest thing you've ever said to us.

Not so much to Tj though. lol

well we all know the average RGer bench presses 500LBS, has a 12" cack and is best BJJer in Hawaii..


When I was 17 I sitting on a bench in the park one snuck in between my basketball shorts and boxers. It bit me through the boxers. I smashed the crap out of it, peed on my inner thigh and took some benedryl. Nothing happened after that.




benadryl is a good idea tj.

if that doesn't work, then it's not a centipede, but some form of micropic staph from stickin that finger somewhere it shouldn't have gone at club sun.

36 hour update. Sitting in Straub ER with IV cortisone, antibiotics and a tetnus shot.

Centipede 1, T.Jay 0

i don't think that centipede was local.

I'd call it "locals revenge" for all those years of high prices!



I was in bed in my Kaneohe appartment one night. I had taken this new seasickness medicine as i was heading out to sea early the next morning. One of the side effects are "hallucinations". So I feel something moving over my chest and figure its just the freaking scopalomine making me imagine things. Then I feel something bite my chest, and I still think "ok this drug is strong". Finally, once the burning starts, I feel something move up my leg, throw off the covers, and this big SOB centipede is wriggling around in my bed. I pinned him down with my t-shirt, got a pair of scissors and cut him in half.
hate those things even more than spiders.


KyokushinCatch - 
about a year ago, I was helping to set up wood framed targets at kokohead range (the HPD side) when a good-sized scorpion crawled out near my left hand and on to the cardboard backing. as I was the rangemaster, couldn't resist; called out "eyes and ears on, fire in the hole," then put a .40 caliber hollow-point through the bug from the 3 yard line. it disappeared, leaving only a bit of scorp guts on the cardboard. btw, not something I'm proud of, just seduced by the darkside I guess.


~20years ago I went camping and laying down my poncho and bag when a fukin 8incher crawl over my left hand. Jumped up, drew my .38 snubbie and my buddy is yelling don't shoot cause the rocks all under the sand and leaves LOL! If I had seen him he would i got a SWCHP+P.....after hunting around a bit and making a fire we still bedded down there :O

centipede hordes from hell is Upolu Point area, never seen so fukin many in my life. Buddy and I set a LP for 8hrs in the bushes waiting on aggressors and sat in that shit waiting to get zapped.....fukin amazing! They were all over our equipment, tents, etc.

Fukin monster Hellspawn is thailand.....HOLYFUK!

I have never been zapped yet by all the 'pedes, scorps and spiders i've had the displeasure of seeing and feeling in all the crawling, climbing and sleeping in the bushes over the years.


Day 4 update. Swelling reached my elbow yesterdAy so I spent a relaxing morning in the ER. doc said it wasn't uncommon with bigger centipede bites. Vicodin took the edge off yesterday and swelling is down 50+% this am. I'm sure you are all breathing a big sigh of relief for me. ?.

And ive spent a weekend in Oklahoma...that was worse.

honestly, there's a reason north texas is windy...