Chael: Tito took a dive

He got caught by a guy that has tremendous hands. That’s it.


He is Shannon Ritch ?

Yes he took a nose dive straight down to the canvas

Geez this place is filled with retards. I think some of you are starting to get dementia.


No one gives a fuck what cheating scumbag Phael says about anything.

He says whatever he can to try and stay relevant cause his only option outside of b grade media is felony fraud. Look it up

Chael couldnt knock out a small child with a sledge hammer.

Pillowfists is all he knows.

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tito is like 48 now
long career of getting punched in figthts and training
he fought a much better striker who landed a perfect shot on him

why is it hard to believe this lead to a ko?


i always thought chael was funny in the clips i have seen him in, but he is definitely a troll. and he is trolling in this one for sure. jajajaja funny guy… :slight_smile:

Also who gives a shit enough about the fight to fix it?

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I agree. Chael has always been 95% entertainment and 5% truth.

Remember when he told Ariel all the Pride fights were fixed and the referees wear taking orders through the earpiece? I remember guys at the gym legitimately were believing it.

I like Chael but he’s just for fun and satire. I don’t take anything he says serious.

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He was the last WEC LHW champ! Can’t deny he had some great wins in his career

Almost all lay n prey.

He had some good ground n pound. Remember that stretch he went on with Omani, Marquardt, and someone else, his top game was good. I’ll never forget that Silva fight. I couldn’t believe how he was winning and to get subbed last round like that…. Moment I’ll remember forever, Silva is the GOAT imo


I agree. Boring fucken fighter. The most exciting thing he did was getting thrown to triangle by Maia

Win 26–10–1 Nate Marquardt Decision (unanimous) UFC 109 February 6, 2010 3 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States UFC Middleweight title eliminator. Fight of the Night.
Win 25–10–1 Yushin Okami Decision (unanimous) UFC 104 October 24, 2009 3 5:00 Los Angeles, California, United States
Win 24–10–1 Dan Miller Decision (unanimous)

3 decisions homeboy. LAY EN PREY

I’ve never jumped out of my seat in excitement before than when Anderson locked up that triangle. Chael sold that villain role better than anyone.

Have you ever heard Chael tell the story of when he and Wand were on TUF together? He said Wand was too dumb to understand that he was supposed to be the good guy… Chael ended up being the guy everyone liked by the end of the show.

He even pulled Wand in the back to talk with him about it and he still didn’t get it.

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Cheal is a moron! Tito did not take a dive! The dude sucks at boxing and over 40 and broken he is even worse! The only one who is worse at standup than Tito is Cheal! Cheal would look even worse and get Ko’d even faster! Don’t fall for it kids!

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It doesn’t change anything he said though.

Still don’t think what Chael said about Tito is all that controversial. I guess since he used the word “dive” is what is triggering people. Basically what he means is Tito checked out and decided he wanted to go home early.