Charuto will overwhelm....

you will see an awesome fight. and see the fury of CHARUTO!!!

No doubt, DiS, no offense to Charuto but he aint a better striker than Pele or Miletich.

If he is, he's got to prove it tomorrow first...

"Nobody can submit Newton"

Sakuraba did.

All Charuto's wins have come by TKO.

kawasakiyo has TKOd the correct...

Nobody can KO him either. If Charuto is lucky, he'll get a TKO or something, but not an absolute KO.Sherdog may list Newton's loss to Anderson Silva as a TKO because the referee stepped in to save him. However, Silva's flying knee actually knocked Newton out cold. Hence, that was actually a one strike KO defeat.

I have never heard of Charuto either but this hype makes me look forward to watching him fight. I will still be pulling for Newton.

This whole UFC card rawks!

The only time I bet against Carlos is when he fights Matt Hughes. He will take this by sub IMO

"Nobody can Submit Newton.
Nobody can KO him either."

Leo Dalla and Sakuraba tooled Newton before submitting him.

Anderson Silva Ko'ed him

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee charuto!!!!!

Lets go Charuto, show the gang what you got!!

bring it home for the locals babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

What the hell is a Charuto anyway? Sounds like something you get a Taco Bell.

At Taco Bell

I think Charuto means cigar.

This fight is a classic fight of a fighter on a downslide against a fighter on the rise.

The only thing that has ever held the HIGHLY talented Newton back is his training regimen and partners. Newton is not a full time fighter, his life is not completely dedicated to it.

Newton looks soft in the weighin pics. Charuto is a real talent as many people already know.

Charuto will win this fight, probably via TKO of some sort.

you must be hungry for chalupas to be thinking about taco bell

Charuto is dead meat in this fight, Newton by domination.

And saying "Charuto must be awesome because he is BJ's teacher!" is kind retarded, I doubt Floyd Mayweather can kick de la Hoya's ass.

dead? yeah right hes rising and will keep going up!

i say Newton by decision