Cheat meal or day?

Which do you prefer? I usually do a day but it is only half a day( after lunch to 8pm)

 what kind of things do you eat on your cheat days? im ebarassed to say mine.

I prefer week. Or fortnight.

Jorx - I prefer week. Or fortnight.


i do a full day on sunday. midnight to midnight.

I do the same thing you do, a half day.

My cheat days typically include beer and something like pizza, wings, a burger, a burrito, or something fried (such as fried chicken).  Sometimes I throw in a snack like cookies or ice cream, but usually the beer is my snack.


 last weekends saturday cheat day :

-2 pounds of peanut butter fluff fudge throughout the day

-large pizza with like 20 different meats on it

-2 pots of home made mac and cheese

-vanilla ice cream and milk

-weird asian candies and my korean father buys

-huge pan of chicken fried rice, home made

-box of oatmeal cookies

and i only weigh like 150 pounds. i shit so much the next evening.

i'd say if you have to... half day cheat... or meal

i found when i do cheat... my body doesnt react that well after.

intially when im eating pizza or burgers its good.... then about 3 hrs later...or that next morning not so good.

I ate 5 snickers bars on my cheat day. Back to back

Then Pizza.

that was it. I tried to eat more but I couldn't.


JKennedy - 
JasonKeaton - I ate 5 snickers bars on my cheat day. Back to back

Then Pizza.

that was it. I tried to eat more but I couldn't.


I'm drinking water and eating handfuls of lettuce.

Go ____ yourself.

on my other days i am drinking water and eating spinich.
so suck it

JKennedy - I just so badly want a pizza right now....

I could eat 2. Probably not but i want to. I feel like shit and I'm grumpy

Anybody really worried about what they eat after a cheat meal ... look into

BSN's Cheaters Relief. no joke. I havent used it... but its out there

What does cheaters relief supposed to do?

Thank God I am not a pro fighter.

I am dieting right now (as some of you may know) and have been for a while but I've got a cheat week-and-a-half coming up. Caloric restriction is just misery. Lost sleep, physical stress, tiredness etc... not tasting junk food is the easiest part to deal with.

Funny thing is the less junk I eat, the less of it I can eat when I go back to it. Half a pizza and a can of coke and I feel bloated to fuck. Although that won't stop me finishing the pizza.

Next day it's constipation followed by the shits.