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Alright it has almost been two days now and I'll give all you readers a clue into some of the behiny the scenes dirt on what been going on. Here are 4 word/phrases that only the Tapout Crew will know: ROAD TRIP, CAUGHT, BOXER SHORTS, CROTCH EATEN OUT. P.S Joker I hope this doesn't hurt your case!!!!!!!


Big Wes = Good for the sport!

I would like to buy a vowel!

Those are in no particular order by the way....................

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Go Big Wes!


confirmed or denied?

Chicago, Illinois In an ironic turn of events, the 135lb Bodog fighter, Dan "The Caveman" Hawley reportedly knocked out his promoter, former UFC Heavyweight Wes Sims Monday afternoon. Sims and Hawley had traveled to Chicago to film an episode of The Jerry Springer Show. Wes Sims had allegedly never paid Hawley for his last fight in Bodog, and the topic of The Springer Show was to be "Promoters Who Stiff Their Fighters." In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, Dan Halwey told us that he had agreed to fly out to film the Jerry Springer show, only after Wes Sims had agreed to pay him the money he was owed upfront - before they filmed the episode of Jerry Springer. Backstage at the Jerry Springer Show, the featherweight Dan 'The Caveman' Hawley confronted the 6'10" 265lb Wes Sims, and demanded the money he was owed before they went on stage. According to eye witness accounts, Wes began verbally taunting Hawley, and a David-vs-Goliath–like shoving match ensued. When the set security finally arrived on the scene, Wes Sims was unconscious, lying on the floor and bleeding profusely from his mouth and nose, Hawley apparently holding him down with an foot lock. After viewing set video surveillance police determined that Hawley was defending himself and no charges were pressed on either fighter. One of the officers commented, "I guess that will teach Mr. Sims to steal from his fighters, no matter how much bigger he is than they are."


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check the clock for your career.

Dan Hawley is officially my favorite fighter, this guy is unreal - he needs his own show


wait wait wait.... crotch eaten out?? I cannot find a dog reference in this thread anywhere... can someone kindly direct me to what I missed please???

That show is a very funny subject for me... I still am not allowed to talk about my TapouT relationship untill certain things are done...

Yes I was a part the company and their long before the show. I fight professionally and have my own gym. Since I have left Sprawl has taken me in and gave me a new home!

To bad certain people don't understand the meaning of take care of the people who take care of you !

LOL... It still lives along with that Tranny in Irvine haha



^^^ I get it..... haha