Chemically Reponsive BodyType?

Hi everyone,

since most of you train and have been doing so for a couple of years I assume, I have a question.

People in fitness culture talk about hardgainers and such different classification of body types. I wonder if there are certain types that just respond very well to any type of chemical stimuli.

I was thinking about myself. In fitness related stuff, I (I'm 5'10, east asian, average build) did a creatine/bulking cycle and put on a good 30lbs in about 3 months...then cutting was ephedrine stack and off went 20lbs in 2 months...and in non fitness stuff...2 puffs from a bong and I fly in the sky...10mg of Ritalin and lock me up for 8 hours in the library...A sniff of coke and I'm tony montana...maybe I'm the perfect chemical intake tank?

joking aside, have you noticed people who seem to respond well to every chemical stimuli? or am i being idiotic?


There definately are. I'm like that too.