Chonnan Im a top American fighter

Im real pissed off.

I just read Chonnan's interview on

Chonnan dosent respect me as a fighter.

He wants to use me as a stepping stone inorder to gain fans in the U.S. So he will be able to fight in the UFC and take on championship calibeur UFC fighters.

Well I have news for Rio, Im a top fighter. Im a championship level fighter.

Ive fought the best in the UFC.

I went the distance with former UFC Champ Evan Tanner.

I fought 6 tough rnds against #1 contender Matt Lindland.

I KO'ed Former UFC champ Dave Menne.

Ive been in there with the best.

Im taking this right real personal.

Im want the respect I deserve as a REAL fighter.

You wanna fight a UFC championship level fighter?

You Got it!

You better be ready

I am


Phil B


LMAO@Baroni. Mate, you should be spending more time doing cardio and less posting here. Chonan is not going to gas like Minowa did.

Chonan by demolition

"Chonnan dosent respect me as a fighter."

See, it doesn't take that much to get in the groove with the rest of America.

What are you ranked again Phil?

Phil, good luck with Chonan. But sadly, he may be right in his assessment of you. Again, good luck, cause you have your hands full.

The undead have become vastly more intelligent nowdays.

Good luck but I am going with Ryo by submission.

ttt for a great fight

good lock i'll be rooting for ya!



You guys are way harsh on Baroni.

Phil, Congrats on your last win and best luck with your next fight. Ryo is as tough as it comes in middleweight division. Perhaps, people will give you props if you can win against him.

Good luck. ttt for Phil Baroni, Hammer House, and Pride Bushido.

You know what? a couple of years ago i asked phil if he was cool with taking a pic holding a sign to encourage a kid with cancer to stay strong.

He did it willingly and since then i've always been a fan of his. i also know guys he's fought but phil has my total respect.

Phil and Hammer House? What happened to Phil and Purebred?

Dizzy, I'm sure Phil is good where and when it counts. No one can doubt that, he strikes me as the kind of guy with a big heart in situations like that. We're simply fucking with him for the MMA trash talking. Nothing personal, all in good fun.

Pilot201, your MMA trash talking has leaped to another level.

I don't know whether I should laugh or feel sorry for Baroni. LOL @ photos and the Slam song.

Cold blood

pilot, yer always a good man, i'm not against anyone voicing opinions, just throwing in some "balance", lol.