Chris Brennan's Old Thread on UG?

What was the name of that thread where Chris told a bunch of streetfighting stories? Some of those were funnier than hell. Hopefully it's been archived.

Go to the top right and click on Expert forums and then Chris Brennan.  I'll TTT it right now.  Funny shit

Good stuff, TTT

lol, thread title is Mother F'n Liar by andre. Great stuff

This is a pot by Chris Brennan:

"Here is a great story and I hope my friend won't be angry for telling it.

A friend of mine and I were at a club and this guy saw one of our Jiu-Jitsu shirts and the shit began. He began telling us he was training at the gracie academy for the last 5 years (I had been there for 3 and never seen him) and he was Royces son best friend (Royce didn't have a son yet) and he was a Purple belt. He want on and on telling us how he parties with Royce all the time on the weekends (Royce was already married and settled down). I don't remember what the last draw was but my friend gave me the look and just shot a double on the guy, slammed him, mounted him and proceded to beat the shit out of him until the bouncers came over and booted the guy (They liked us there) :) Anyway, that is just one of MANY, Many Chris and my friend stories. Hope you enjoyed it. The guy got what he deserved."

"The guy got what he deserved."

Exactly WHAT did the guy do to deserve a beating at the hands of trained professional(s), Chris?

Chris seems like a standup dude now and a good family man, but i cannot believe he still loves bringing up and reveling in his days of cheap thuggery. There are young people that come to this board and idolize pro-fighters and for Mr Brennan to leap at another opportunity to share many of these idiotic dishonorable tales with people is nuts.

shut up posty

Actually, I take responsibility for awakening this sleeping dog. There is another thread on the UG regarding street fighting, etc, and I wanted to post a link to this thread on it.

I agree that many of the tales involved people going overboard but Chris did take quite a bit of heat already for these stories.

My intention wasn't to bring that aspect of it back up, just share the stories because they were consistent with thread in question.

Unless i completely read that story wrong, it wasn't Chris doing the beating.

Yeah, but he's proud of it and feels that the retard in question deserved it. lol Now that I think of it.

"shut up posty"

Why? Elaborate.

I was a friggin blue belt (trained professional)

I will bring it up daily if I want to. 

I feel I dealt with a bunch of assholes and if I wouldn't get arrested for it now I would do it all over again.  I might have been a dick but I was young and a different guy.  There are plenty of guys I walk away from now that I would love to put a beating on. 

Anyway like before and now I could still give a shit about what someone thinks about me.  if I beat you up in the past you have something to be upset about but if I didn't then go away and leave me alone...

I was just curious as to WHY the guy was beat up, Chris. That's all. Answer the question (if you want). Surely he was not beat up for the sole reason of lying about training at a certain academy... WAS he?

FAMOUS thread!

Ask Laimon.  He did that one.  Is he an asshole now or just me?  And yes you shouldn't lie about that shit.  Especially back then.  Everyone lies about all their training now but back then there weren't very many so it was easy to spot the liars...

you were young chris and started alot of shit ,its well known.but tell the story about all your girl freinds showing up when you were in the police car.

lol I've done some stupid sh1t in my day also, but beat someone up because they lied about training? There's got to be more to it. Maybe you guys just didn't like his mug or something. lol I don't know.

Just to add my own asshole story:

When I was 17 this really drunk guy tried to "mug" me and my buddy, but he was so drunk that we could've just walked away from him and he would've stood there talking to himself. But no. We had to f@ck with him. lol We wound up mugging HIM (never struck him but just dragged his drunk ass to the ground and scared him as he we took his $27). I still feel ashamed about it to this day.

"(never struck him but just dragged his drunk ass to the ground and scared him as he we took his $27). I still feel ashamed about it to this day."

i knew i would find you 1 day,but im over it ,just send me my money back with intrest dick nose

I read every single post in that other thread. I can relate to a lot of the situations that Chris got into because I grew up in So-Cal myself. Facinating stories, 99% of which seemed justified by the circumstances and 1% of which didn't have enough information to form a conclusion one way or another.

I've been in clubs/bars when someone was spouting-off about who they trained with or which promotions they've fought in. And from my experience it's usually accompanied by some sort of posturing or otherwise threatening mannerisms that leave you wondering if something is about to go down. It's up to the judgement of the boots on the ground to decide whether a first strike is warranted or not.