Circuit Training w/ Diet and Training

Hi everyone. I am hoping for help or advice to get a good weight training program and flexibility routine to become more fit and fight ready specifically for Muay Thai. Here is as much info as could think of.

I recently started training Muay Thai 4-5 days per week for around 11/2 hours per day. I have put on about 45 pounds in the last couple years and it's time to get in to fighting shape and possibly become a pro fighter in the next few monthes. I have done a 40/40/20 diet in the past along with HIT (similar to BFL program) and got down to 205 at 17% bf before hurting my partially tearing my rotator cuff and losing any muscle i had gained as well as putting on 40 pounds of fat.

Long story short i would like to get myself to around 10-12 percent bodyfat, but also to dramatically improve my fitness and flexibility, then i can work on improving muscle mass.

Here is what i am doing now.

Training from 5:30-7ish mon-thur and sometimes sat.
This includes pads, bags and techniques. Also stretching and calisthenics.

Weight Training monday, wed and fri am 6:30-7:30

MT technique drills tue, thur and sat am 6:30-7:30
This is just working footwork and bag training in my garage.

I am trying to figure out a good weightlifting program that will help increase my muscular endurance and strength as much as possible while on a restricted calorie diet.

The same day workouts are spaced far enough apart that i don't think it will be an issue, as well as sundays off and if i need to i will take an extra day off if i need to.

I have dumbells, bench and olympic weights, resistance bands as well as speed bad, double ended bag, heavy bag etc.

Each workout will be followed by a myoplex shake and i will eat aproximately 10 times my weight, 2400 cal with about around 240 grams of protein and carbs a day. I will adjust if i begin to lose more or less than 2 pounds per week.

main foods are sweet potato, chicken breast, myoplex, whole wheat bread, tuna, bananas and apples and 11/2 gallons of water a day.

I am concerned about overtraining so i get at least 8 hours of rest, take suppliments as well as taking off time as needed.

I am 100% dedicated to this and would appreciate any ideas or sample circuit training workouts as well as flexibility programs focusing on MT specific flexibility for knees, hips and legs.

Sorry if anything doesn't make sense or for the frat, but i wanted to give all possible info. Thanks for any help.


Also i take glutamine, creatine, multi vitamin, zma and protein.

Any sample workout programs?

try a 5x5 program to start with. has a pretty basic one, i sort of modified it to suit my needs and saw pretty good results. focus on compount movements like cleans such.

also, myoplex has way too much artifical shit in it. just get a bag of ON whey protein, i got a 10 lb bag for like.. $50 maybe?

You aren't eating enough to be honest.  If you're training that much and you're going to burn through those 2400 calories pretty damn quick.  So as a result what's likely going to happen is you're going to burn yourself out, stop all your current physical activity all together and put on even more weight.

My advice would be to worry less about your weight and what you look like and more about how you feel.  You want (and need) to have the energy to be able to not only perform this type of physical activity you're talking about but also to recover from it so you reap the benefits of it and can continue to do it.

You're right. I didn't realize how many calories i was burning until i started getting headaches and losing energy.

I am just going to eat cleaner with about the same quantities i eat now, just until i get more fit and can do all the techniques.