Sunday May 16th in Acton Ontario.

Gi divisions only. $35 pre-registration (before May 9th Details will come)$50 at Door.

There will be a flyer on the CJA website (www.canadianjiujitsu.com) shortly for more information.There has been pre-planning for better running of this tournament. Volunteers are appreciated.

That's the same weekend as the Randy Couture/Matt Lindland Seminar in London, Ontario. I was hoping to compete at the CJA but if that is the correct date then I'll have to pass. :(

That makes 2 of us Tex.

$50@thedoor, what is this world coming too?

No shit l am going to be at the seminar also.

Maybe you guys can schedule it so it doesn't conflict, personally I am looking forward to seeing Couture and Lindland compete as white belts in the beginner division.


If you want people to pay $50 at the door, can they at least expect to have a working scale once they get there? The last 2 years its been off by 10 pounds.

Fix that shit

KashK,check your inbox!


Danny, looking forward to it. This time next week or so I will be back in the country and rolling like a mad man (and collecting UI to boot !!!)

American Top Team will be there!!


Why the hell would the CJA book the tournament the same weekend as the Couture seminar?

Looks like no tourney for me.

Probably the same reason Gene Simco keeps booking Michael Jen seminars the same day as GAMMA tourneys or TKO events... Only so many weekends a month, and the f'n plinko ball tends to fall towards the median value.

"plinko"? Is that from the Price is Right? I think I had my first lustfull feeling as a young boy staring at the Price is Right models in the daytime when I got to stay home from school.

Anyways... back to the CJA..

$50.00 at the door! With gas that's $100.00 to compete! What a deal!

Not only is it $50 at the door, I'm pretty sure you have to be a member of the CJA to even compete. That means another $20 if you're not already a member. $70 for only one guaranteed match? Fill in the vowels:

pattitude its a one time fee.

It would be nice if things were change this tournament but l hear a million times on this forum support the sport well support the Ontario grappling community.

PS CHANGE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight classes?

Loaf, what's your #