claressa shields...hitting the bag clothless

Puro hot chocolate lol

Vale_Tudo_83 - 

Puro hot chocolate lol



No wood


man butt

Ouch no thx

Oh my.  The stuff you wish you never clicked on. 

I bet her hog is atleast 9 inches.

That’s bad, real fucking bad.

colubrid1 - man butt

Offended. I am man and have nicer butt

I always pictured her as white, possibly due to having watched every episode of Clarissa Explains It All as a youth

Damn, she is manly.

On one hand, I am not attracted to her at all.

On the other hand, I have great respect for her. She has the body of a boxer. She doesn't give a fuck about marketability, she trains to be the best boxer she can be.

That's a way realer athlete and competitor than a lot of these WMMA fighters getting their boobs done and doing sexy photo shoots.

She has no cloths on! 

Her "sexy" photo shoot. Still looks like she would fuck you up boxing.

do not want