Ive heard alot of varying things about this stuff and would like some more insight. I bought some if it in 2000, but got scared and sold it to someone else. Whats the whole deal with it?

Side effects?

True fat loss?

Sides, slight loss of strength, reduced endurance, bossible heart problems later in life.

Fat loss, yes, but better when run with T3 and ketotifen (even better if you can throw in some HGH and transderm PGF2a)

Never got the nausea.

Nope hubei clen mainly but once used spanish spiropent.

shouldn't have sold it, IMO.

Put down the cake pudgy

I took it for about 6 weeks. The highest I used was 80mcg I found it helped somewhat but nothing major, really not much different than ephedra. Perhaps if I was already fairly lean but with a higher level of BF - theres no magic

The sides: the shakes - couldnt keep hands still, cramps - to avoid them I had to drink lots of water, ate 3 large bananas a day, and took taurine. I skipped the bananas and taurine for a few days and the cramps came right back.

Doping is cheating

A mates mate use to take it. He got RIPPED @ 90Kg. The most ripped guy I've ever met that weighed 90Kg.

He also ate lean.


Try eating right and training.

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