Cobourg BJJ BB?

anyone know if theres one teaching at Elite Martial Arts on William St?

i heard about it a couple weeks ago, but the guy didn't seem too keen on the details - throwing out possible affiliations with ATT. to which i didn't think too much about ...maybe he did one of the certification courses?

But, i talked to a guy i worked with tonight that said he knows a chick that instructs there aswell, and she said the BB trained with GSP.

so in my head, immediatly alarm bells are going off right? so the very next questions are, "when can i go, and how much?"

Wednesday, $45 a month.

FORTYFIVE A MONTH! :| yeaaaaaaa okay. what BB charge $45 a month!?

*gonna hafta make like detective ddinks and get to work me thinks.*

has anyone else heard anything about this? i don't wanna jump the gun, but everything i've heard so far is pretty far fetched.

Once a week in cobourg? how much would you expect it to be?


the only day he was sure of was wednesday. he's gonna get back to me about the other days but i can only really go on wednesday anyhow.

Or this guy.

Cobourg must be a TKD hotbed. 4 "Masters" & 3 3rd dan all in one club.

Only JHR can solve this case!

Bruckmann Martial Arts, Oshawa
Legit BJJ Black Belt instructor(s)

sexalicious is correct as usual.

Drive to the 'shwa fellas.

However....Jeremy Horn will be in Cobourg this weekend...

Maybe we'll do a dojo storming !


News to follow !

what the hell is gumby doin' in is he gonna show us flying armbars in the snowbanks?

(i can't beleive it snowed again...i'm so depressed)

todays the day, preliminary scouting will commence tonight.

i will report back with my findings.

We need a report !


for your dojo storming... The schedule shows bjj 12-3 on Saturday.

Looks like a karate club that does BJJ a couple of times a week. There's nothing wrong with that, and it didn't seem like the website was making any false claims or claiming bogus credentials.

Maybe hold back the posse guys?

I'm pretty sure that JHR was just joking about a dojo storming.

well i'm disappointed to say the least.

 i show up about 15 min late to some fat guy closing up shop. i asked him about the BJJ class, and at first all he says was, 

"i don't know about these jiujitsu guys...or what it takes to make em stick around for more than a month".

apparently the guy didn't show up for his last class on saturday, and then again no-showing tonight. there was a kid there aswell who i assume was this instructors kid. he seemed a little more forthcoming and explained that, not a whole lot of people have been coming out, and that he thought maybe the guy was discouraged. a got the guys name, Zach Mallory, who according to the kid, "is the guy that trains at goodlife" (which i am to assume means he has a winter tan, a tapout beanie, and is locked into a two year contract?)

pretty much a waste of my time. the guy might have had good intentions, or he might have taken a few kids on a ride for their money. might never know.

i left a number though, if they ever hear back from him. i just checked the website and there doesn't appear to be any false claims...i just wish i coulda talked to the guy :S

aw well, i don't care.

That's it.

Horn and I are storming the box fit class at Goodlife this Sunday.

i show up about 15 min late to some fat guy closing up shop.

lol ndn time?

You can always come up to belleville and train with us at Loyalist MMA if you'd like (although I would go to Jextin Brocckmans)

but I gotta warn ya, the place is lousy with Mohawks


hahaha i appreciate the offer bro, but i'll stick to training with Mr Paul Stark. i just had to check out this guy and see whats up.

mind you, i did just quit my job at neejees in alderville. ...any smoke shops up there need an extra hand? might just have to shack up with some mohawk sugar :p

any smoke shops up there need an extra hand?

I'd say your odds are pretty good, seeing as there's about a zillion of them here. lol

anyways, the offer is still there to drop in and train any time you want.

Peace (pipe?),


Keith,Zach is a solid BJJ blue belt training at Lin Martial arts/BTT Canada. He was a winner at Joslin's this year as well. He lives in Couborg and as there isn't any training out there wanted to get something started. He was there for about 3 weeks straight at the school and nobody showed up for the classes that is why he was not there. He is not nor does he claim to be a BJJ black belt, but he is a solid training partner and competitor and he is very technical (especially for a guy of his weight and strength). He would be a good teacher for any beginner or intermediate, and he would be a solid training partner for any intermediate or more advanced person in the area. I'll pass on the word to zach that there were people who were interested in training there...and if you decide to check out the training again maybe you could give the club a heads up to ensure that he will be there for sure.

hey thats cool, its always hard to tell whats goin on when all your info is 2nd/3rd hand. i didn't mean any disrespect in my pursuit. i just heard some wild things, and wasn't sure if it was Zach telling them this, or if people (as they often do) twisted his words or embellished them.

it kinda sucks for training out in these parts but if zach wanted he could make the hop, skip, and jump over to port hope and train with us.

26 ontario st. port hope, across from the LCBO (you would almost think the indians picked the location :p )

he just can't give out our secrets :p hahaha

Does this mean Horn and I cancel the dojo storming at goodlife ?