Cobra Kai In Burnaby

In the Georgia Strait there is an ad by the school they are teaching brazilian jiujtsu. Can someone tell me who the teaching bjj and what is his rank. Doesnt say at the website.


Either they are an affiliate or I would like to se the look on the instructor's face when Marc Laimon comes to try out a class.

Cheers from Las Vegas

they used to advertise jason fairn as the grappling instructor but i don't even know if he's still there.

edit: i see they claim marcus soares affiliation on their website. i don't remember that being there when i looked at it before.

The Jason Fairn of UFC IV fame?


so who is the instructor, whats his rank and affiliation.

if you are looking for the REAL cobra kai try

The Cobra Kai as in Karate Kid?

just joking - TTT for Mark Laimon

I think the guy is named Cory?? I heard he's a fusia belt in Kung Fused? He wears the gayest uniforms at all the local events. ttt for Cobra Kai-Mark Laimon

yeah, I have heard of "assistant master Cory".. not sure who he assists but..... his uniforms sure are pretty!

his mullet is the greatest in the land

Not greater then Harold Howards

its pretty damn close

too funny!.....

It's not a mullet, it's more like Rod Stewert meets Billy Idol.

yeah, I agree with lowotis.... definitly a rod-idol thing going on..I think he has some super powers cause on his website he has some flashy wavey things going on behind him. Must be his super chi

so who is the soares affilated teacher that they claim to have? anyone know?