colonic cutting?????????

Just watching Santa (aka Johnny KNOXVILLE) get colonic irrigation (removal of crap) on Jackass.

The medic was talking numbers of 19LB's and something re John Wayne having 63lb in him on death (if I heard correctly).

It'd be a pretty extreme measure but..............

One way to cut weight ;)


will you oversee my colonic when i return? Looking to shed the corrosion in my pipes.

A average man carries 3-6 pounds of undigested red meat in the bowels. A enama will flush out the rotted meat and yes drop some weight.

I call bullshit on the rotting meat in your bowels thing.

There is a product called Colonix that is suppose to clean out your system and remove all of that undigested food.  They have some gross pictures on the site too.


the meat just rots? So stomach acid doesn't break it down or even start that just rots ya reckon?? geez that don't sound to healthy

"A average man carries 3-6 pounds of undigested red meat in the bowels. A enama will flush out the rotted meat and yes drop some weight."

Please tell me you're trolling... this healthy? couldnt this be dangerous?

If you read the snopes article, it talks about how a man who suffered from constipation after eating lots of promegranates. He refused the enema. A week later he came in with rectal bleeding and severe pain. They ended up having to remove a mere 1 lb of compacted fecal matter.

The likelyhood of having 3-6lbs of poopoo in your bowels seems unlikely.  19lbs is laughable - your stomach would be swollen (the caca does have volume). Perhaps severely obese and sickly people may contain lodged dookies in the 3-6lbs range, but an athlete or healthy person is not, IMHO.

I cannot be sure, as I have never tried this or known someone who has. Has anyone on here tried this doing a before and after weigh-in? Inquiring minds want to know :-)

colon blow?

Yeah, BS on the 3-6 pounds. I've read that before from a few sources (nothing ever published in a medical journal), but figure that 3 oz. of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.

1 pounds = 16 oz = about 5 decks of cards

3 pounds = about 15 decks (about 2 phone books).

try shoving that in your colon

which is something that I've known for quite a while - most of you are full of shit. 

rotting meat = why your farts DO stink.

later, ma

^^maybe it's because my old man is a butcher (30 years in the union - I kid you not), but I found that hilarious

if rotting meat is the reason that farts stink.... then why does shit stink?

I have no idea about meat and caca volume, but did see this about ass pennies!


"thats why your farts stink...not rotting meat.

bullshit propaganda

I have Crohn's Disease and have spent all too much time dealing with issues regarding the smelly stuff in your bowels.

It is literally impossible for you to have 3-6, much less 10-15 pounds of feces in your large intestine, your bowel simply could not handle it and it would constantly be leaking out of you.

Also, meat does not "rot" inside of you - I don't know how any right minded adult could believe something so stupid. If this matter was rotting, what would become of the bacteria? People who really do have such problems are septic, and get really high fevers.

Megacolon and toxic Megacolon are both real problems where feces really does build up and form a hard mass in the bowel. While it is generally less that a pound of waste, this amount can still cause a bowel to rupture and kill you due to sepsis.

does anyone know of a fighter/at5hlete having irrigation to cut? Not pills I mean a hgose up the chute!


Wow, I suppose I should have been a little more clear.

For years (1000s) people have been using enemas to clear bowel obstructions and purify. As everyone went crazy with the rotting meat comment, yes a percentage of some meats go undigested, these meats will form blockages over time. (Mostly Mac D's kinda meats, highly processed.)

People with GI bleeds shouldn't for medical reasons have enemas.

Some of the other professions that have enemas are horse jockeys, race car drivers ect., so I take it the weight loss is real.

When I used to wrestle, I'd drop 3-6 pounds from the enema. I never looked to see the condition of what comes out. The smell was enough.

(Not a doctor, I'm in no way saying, run out and have warm water pumped into your ass.)

well I was just jumping on the bandwagon - don't know and don't really care.  I do what works for me and Skip pretty much dictates his fighting diet. 

and it was a joke about the farting = rotting meat thing.  personal theory is that farts stink because they live next to shit; but that's another thread.

later, ma