Combat Zone 8 "STREET JUSTICE" 10/02
"STREET JUSTICE" will feature many fighters from throughout the USA as well as many of your local favorites. The long anticipated match between WORLD CHAMPION kickboxer RANDY POGUE and MMA CHAMPION MIKE LITTLEFIELD is featured on this card. Other fighters tentatively scheduled are: DREW FICKETT, TED GOVOLA, RICHARD MASKOWITZ, RYAN CIOTOLI, ANDREW CALANDRELLI, RANDY ROWE,and FIGHTERS FROM TEAM MASH. GET ON THIS CARD! Call Bruce @ 978-828-2149 asap. STREET JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!



CombatZone just keeps on getting bigger, Bruce let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

Bostonmma If your at the show on sat--Talk to me re the shows--Later Bruce

I can't make it to the show sat, but no way will I miss out on combatzone7. Anyway I could interview Kenny Florian?

I just wanted to put our info up here as you requested.
Good luck with your upcoming shows.



Keith Wisniewski

ttt the beggining

Have you any idea on a venue? Avalon, Wonderland Ballroom, The Roxy or even the Tsongas Arena?

Wonderland Ballroom CLUB LIDO Call me on info for Kenny. 978-828-2149 Bruce

I aahhgreee


I am already working COMBAT ZONE 8 and if yoiu want to get on this card LET ME KNOW I will need your Photos ASAP to put on the Poster 978-828-2149



Bruce do you have an email address???

Mike, his email is



Bruce Marshall,

I have a guy I would like to get on a future show!

Please, let me know with you need from me, as I can sedn you his resume ASAP!

Thanks for your time,

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel