Conditioning for Grapplers

A couple of weeks ago some people were giving a good review for a book about conditioning for grapplers.

Does anyone remember the name of the book?

Thank you in advance.


"Competitive Judo" by Ron Angus

John Saylor has a book out also.

Have not read them but some people have commented that they are good.

alwyn cosgrove has a good book for combat athltetes
Zack- Even Esh as well
coach hale

Thanks, guys. I'll look those up.

I just remembered it was not a conditioning book but rather a nutrition book designed for grapplers.

The name is "The Grappler's Guide to Nutrition"

The reviews are pretty impressive.

Has anyone any personal experience with this book?

I just got the
SMS&C Grappler Series Vol. I
Strength & Conditioning for Grapplers



green hornet-

leave your email and i can send you a pamphlet on the book

Hey Babalou, how about a review? What do you think of it?

The DVD has 3 parts
A: Warm-up
B: Strength/ Core and Stabilizer Emphasis (Upper Body)
C: Strength & Condition (Lower Body)

A: Consists of 8 exercises - With a 35lb plate

1 The sling shot

2 Around the head

3 Figure 8's

4 Over the head hip circles

5 Good mornings

6 Boot strappers

7 Toe touch squats

8 Rotating dead lifts

B: Consists of 8 exercises with some variations - With dumbells

1 Windmills

2 Push-up rows

3 Push-up to gladiator "Tough after the push-up rows"

4 Bridging press

5 Dumbell swims "This was fun with a 5lb dumbell"

6 Russian sit-ups

7 Seesaw press

8 Turkish get-ups

C: Consists of 8 exercises with some variations - With dumbells

1 Plate lunges

2 Plate swings

3 Rock-up squats

4 Overhead side bends

5 Overhead squats

6 Plate squeezers

7 Weighted push-up "A killer after the plate squeezers"

8 Finger rows

I substituted a 30lb kettlebell for the plate.
The work out itself is great.

I like Steve's idea of training for time not reps.

Begin. 1 exercise for a min. then a min off

Inter. 1 exercise for a min. then a 30sec. off

Adv. 1 exercise for a min. then go right into the next exercise with no break

It's great to see Saulo say a movement is tuff lol...
It's a bit pricey but I like it and I can feel the difference in JJ class with that I have more energy and endurance.


How many times a week did you use the workout? And how ling before you felt any difference?

4 times week A is more of a warm-up. B seems to be more upper body. C seems to be more lower body.
Day 1 and 3= A+B Day 2 and 4= A+C. Felt a difference the next morning...