Congo Exposed...

I was really getting tired of the UFC machine hyping Kongo as a legitimate threat to the heavy weight title.  The guy wouldn't even be a blue belt in jiujitsu and his wrestling is horrid as well.

He is just someone that looks intimidating but he falls incredibly short in being well rounded.  He has no td defense either...basically he only has a chance if you stry to punch with him.

Could you imagine Kongo vs Werdum or Minotauro? 

Congo is a country. Kongo is a fighter.

I'm not saying he is well rounded because his jiu-jitsu is severly lacking. However, his wrestling is much improved as demonstrated by some nice takedowns on herring.

^^  LOL...he had good takedowns.   IMO he would have been better served to stand and trade with Herring, especially after the display she showed against CroCop

I meant Kongo :) --- and please dont say he had good take downs....Heath had equally poor td defense and kongo just grabbed his legs and pulled while standing stiff legged.

^^ ummm takedowns dont have to be technically perfect each time. The goal is to get the guy down....which he did several times = good takedowns

he couldnt hold onto the take downs and appeared clueless what to do even when Heath seemed to flop to the ground like a slab of beef.

Kongo took heath down a few times but does not have good takedowns.  Lets not water down skill sets further please.

It has nothing to do with watering down skillsets.....Big Nog does not have great takedowns either, yet he is the champion.....

"I was really getting tired of the UFC machine hyping Kongo as a legitimate threat to the heavy weight title."

I am getting really tired of noobs discrediting a fighter's improvement. Kongo has grown leaps and bounds since his first fight in the UFC. Unlike a knowledgeable fan, you can't seem to see that not all fighters are born perfect in every aspect of fighting. Give Kongo a little more time and he very well could be the champ.

If you look at his TD defense from the Marrero fight, and compare it to last night, you can see a huge improvement. He still has a long way to go though.

Ill admit his ground game improved

I thought he eeked out a decision. Could have gone either way.

Exposed? No, Marrero exposed him. And he's improved vastly since then.

Kongo/Arlovki anyone?

Herring WANTED to be taken down. He switched every one of them to his advantage.

I think he looked better than he did in previous fights, but he still didn't
seem to know what to do once he got it to the ground. When you get to a
dominant position you should try to, i dunno, finish the fight. Should have
been a dark match.

Can someone please point to a map and show me where Congo the country is?

Republic of Congo?

Oh and btw Kongo referring to the Republic of Congo is proper.

Dave, are you serious, you don't know where the republic of Congo is?

North Central Africa.

Watching that match on the ground was painful. It reminded me of watching 2 junior varsity heavyweights wrestling in high school. So many opportunities to turn side control into mount, so many opportunities to take the back ... who are these guys training with? This is basic stuff