Congrats Cole Miller/Paxis NAGA GA

Congrats to Team Praxis at todays NAGA Atlanta. This is the first NAGA for Team Praxis under Cam McHargue and from what I have been told they had a great showing.

A special congrats to Cole Miller from Team Praxis who with a year of training won the no-gi Advanced devision for his weight class. This kid has shown incredible skills at only 1 year of training!

Good luck to cole next weekend in his 4 man NHB tournament.

I think its King of the Ring 9 in virginia

there's a thread about that on the OG i think

congrats to cam's guys

about what jason?

Great job to Cole, Corsey, Trey, Dee, Jay, Evin, Blue, Jake, Blake, Micah, Bubby, Dylan and Michael- TEAM PRAXIS

I was very proud of all you guys!!!!!


Cam: congrats to you too. You have built a great team from scratch!

I had some help from some very talented friends (YOU , of course!!!)!!!!
I will holla at you tomorrow, C-Mac... I am about to crash. I have been up for 33 hours straight....


The kid is an animal! :).

Corsey: did you compete? how did you do? Sorry I didn't hear all the results.

Damn... I forgot to put Jesse's name in the list above!! I am not used to coaching such a large team!!! COngrats again to all our guys!!

Concerning sandbagging... yes, I saw a good deal of that but that is expected.

What really bothered me was the horrible inconsistency by the refs. At first I thought it was simply team favoritism by certain refs but the more I saw I came to realize that it was simply that the refs had no clue what was going on.

While there WAS some favoritism, it was a small amount.

Kipp made an announcement that all the refs were impartial yadda, yadda, yadda... then went over the rules meeting and I think ALL the refs were absent from the rule meeting. In Kipp's defense he did say that they were implementing changes to the rules so this could have contributed to the confusion, but if that was the case there would still have been some consistency to the inconsistencies...

You were supposed to get 2 points for a takedown, 2 for guard pass/assuming side control and 2 for reversal from bottom. Kip stated plainly that they were not giving points for "passing guard" but explicitly for "attaining side control" so a takedown into side would be 4 points. Some refs only gave 2 for the takedown... others gave the 4 that they were supposed to. Some refs were not even giving points for reversals from bottom. I got into an argument with one ref about this who later went to Kipp and then came back and apologized saying he was wrong. It was OK because our guy had ended up winning that particular match by sub but that mistake cost a few of our guys some clear victories in that ring. Some refs were giving 4 points for mount and back mount (I guess because they were used to reffing BJJ tourneys). Some refs wouldn't give points for back control if the competitor had no hooks in even though Kipp explained that hooks were not necessary for points in back control. It was also apparent that there was a huge misunderstanding as to what a "near sub" is... some guys got points for simply touching someone's arm while others could have a heelhook sunk for 10 seconds and be cranking and still get no points.

I am primarily a MMA coach so this was my first real time coaching a "team" at a grappling only event like this. I can see why Rickson throws water bottles.

I just feel like at an event by an organization this size that there should be some kind of standard for reffing and a level of consistency should be strived for and upheld. But overall, it wasn't really a bad experience.

I also met Kirik for the first time and he is the consummate gentleman.


sorry i missed it

charles, there's a thread about the VA fights on the OG

Props to that Cole kid for having trained only for 8 months yet entering the advanced division. Did he have a wresting background by chance?

did anyone see how Derrick did?

yeah, he loves that can opener. The dude will deinately feel that for a week or so, speaking from experience

He needs to learn some passes, no question. And he needs to stop jumping to guard, imo

anyway, i think he'll do well with a little more training. it would be really cool if he could make it up our way a little more regularly

yeah, he pulled guard down in valdosta too, and I really don't know why he does it. he's really hard to take down, and unless he's just doing it for the experience I don't see the point of it, but I'll ask him and see what's up. It may just be that he needs someone to remind him of what he's been working on in class during the match. I know that is a huge factor for me in translating my training to competition.

Now I REALLY wish I'd gone.

Jeff monson pulls guard ALOT and uses it to get a wrestlers sweep. He beats alot of people like that. Usually it is extremely hard to hold a very good wrestler down and not get reversed.

BTW for the guy who asked, Cole is primaraly a bottom play and I think he won all his matches by submission. He has no wrestling background and I would venture to say unfortunately that is the part of his game that needs the most work.

Corsey: Cole is 6'2 140 actually! :)

well monson loses alot of decisions too though

Matt unless I am crazy it looked like Caleb took him down right at the start of the match leaving Derick no choise but to go to gaurd.

hmm, well that would make alot more sense to me

i think he knows some sweeps, but not well enough to go to them instinctively

something to work on in the future, obviously

" Derrick had two matches in his no-gi division, winnning one and losing one. In the first match he basically got the TD but got no points for it because his opponent jumped to guard when he saw he was getting taken down."

See what I mean about the reffing.... Derrick should have still gotten takedown points if he initiated, regardless of his opponent pulling guard.