Congrats DVBJJ / TCFC!

Winner:  David Vieira, Triangle Choke.

A special thanks to Rob Kahn for helping us get David trained for this fight and for coming to help corner him in his fight.

Winner:  Matias (Mah-tee-us) Gentili, Triangle Choke.

Congrats on your Pro debut victory.  We are really proud of you.  

"Lunchbox" showed a lot of heart. 

 Winner:  Jarrod Card, Unanimous Decision

It's always an honor to corner and work for Jarrod when he travels to The Bay to fight.  Jarrod, anytime you need something we'll be here.  You are part of this team.  Congrats on your win over a very experienced Rocky Long.   

And a shout out to Matt Dorsten.  Great to see you again man.  Great fight too.  Let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you.  Be well.

Congrats to everyone and Happy Easter!



Damn!  You guys are triangle choke finatics. 

How did Matt's fight go? Thanks!


Hey John, Matt lost a 29-28 decision vs. a very tough Ira Guyer. He got dropped in the first round but besides that didn't take a huge amount of punishment. He was taken down and controlled on the ground but was able to defend great. By the third round he seemed the fresher fighter and was able to out box Guyer and win the round but it wasn't enough. He looked great and I think broke Guyer's nose.

How come you didn't ask about my fight?!?

also, it was nice to formally meet you Ben as I see you on this forum all the time. Tell Jason thanks for giving me the chance to fight him and good luck.

Congrats to all and both schools! Great showing!

Tom- I didn't know you were fighting! Two fights in five days? Damn, bro! How did it go?

David has been training hard on his stand up, and I am happy to see that his hard work paid off.


Thanks guys. 

And Tom, it was great to meet you too and major props to you on two wins in 5 days.  I look forward to seeing you at more shows in the future. 

Best Wishes.

Tom- Just saw your pics at Congrats! See you at the gym!

Congrats to everyone who put it all on the line!


Thanks for the write-up Tom!  It sucks to take a loss but Ira was a quality opponent and I guess I can only learn from it.  Next time maybe I should just try standing the fuck up instead of laying on my back, DAMN-IT!

Anyway, how bout the FILTHY MAULER!?!?!?!?!?!  Somebody get Tom Lawlor a green name- his school teacher salary doesn't need to be $30 smaller just so he can look at boobies on Tapout!!! 

-Matt Dorsten

Also, a HUGE thanks to Ben Glossop and TCFC / DVBJJ, for taping my hands, helping me warm-up, and keeping my head right before my fight.  TCFC / DVBJJ are a great group of guys, mucho props, durka durka!

It was a great production to fight for, hoping to fight in Tampa again!

I thought the even was very well run and really they treated us quite well...I mean who can complain about sushi grade tuna as after weigh-in food?

Unfortunately I didn't get to catch all the fights, but the female fight was definitely a barn burner.

xtremG&P, first, who are you? do you even train and if so where do you train?

Second, learn to type.

Third, Rob and David are friends and David asked Rob to be in his corner for support.

Get your facts straight David is the head instructor and owner of David Vieira. Tampa Combat is owned by Bennjiman Glossop and is located at David's school.

Who are you to questions the caliber and quality of any school.

This shit talk from some one who can not even spell extreme correctly.

You can come by any time to test the caliber and quality of our school any time. Just let us know that you are xtremG&P from MMA.TV.

And we can't threaten to kick your ass because you are too much of a shit talking pussy to post your real name.

Steve "BIG MEANIE" Usher.

Steve---he's just baiting you.  Don't fall for this crap.  Anyone who is anyone around here knows what's going on.  This just sounds like yet another hidden dig against Ben. 

Mike Geery  : )

hey congrats on the now we need a tiebreaker. i say sean bartlett vs. matias @155 . yeah we definatly need to hook up and cross train. the bartletts are cuzins not brothers. dont worry theyll be back throwin some crazy irish hands......

David trained at my school because you cant have too many good sparring partners when getting ready for mma.

I plan an utilizing their school also when training for my next fight.

they are good people at dvbjj/tampa combat and i couldnt be happier with the training relationship that our two schools share

Nicely said.

Too PC, IMO...

You can never have enough education in this sport.  I'm really happy that there are teams out there that are willing to cross train and help each other out.  It makes for better MMA in the community and it makes for better all around training.       

"You can never have enough education in this sport. I'm really happy that there are teams out there that are willing to cross train and help each other out. It makes for better MMA in the community and it makes for better all around training."


YES, Ben "you are smarter than a 5th grader!"

LOL, that show is hilarious!

And congrats to you Tim on the Pan Ams.