Congratulations, Jaipetch!

New thread for JAIPETCH because he really deserves it.

Patong Stadium 6.11.07

Mark DeLuca (12 fights) vs. Petkrabi (25 fights) 

              A-class 5x3 Full Thai Rules 62kg

Winner: Mark DeLuca 4th round KO!

congrats, that's amazing, I guess he's pro now!

Outstanding... Congrats.

You guys have a great thing going up there in Pitts

Thanks guys.

Good work !!

congrats to a fine camp and great group of people. you guys and gals set a top-notch standard for the sport.

Maximum respect!

Any video clips? You know what they say about pictures telling a thousand words and all...

I hope!!!

Here's a ringside report:

mark's fight was beautiful... mark was composed and relaxed and matched his opponent every round.  he pushed the pace as the fight progressed, landing some sweet elbows in the 4th, eventually finishing the guy with a pair of punches.  the knockout is spectacular, the type of thing you'd see on a highlight clip.  you should have seen him in the ring afterwards... the dvd didnt capture it, on camera he looks like "yeah whatever i knock out Thais for breakfast" but he was jumping up and down and wai-ing every which way, so excited.  he really deserved that.  when i saw the guy fall backwards flat like a dead tree, already unconsious, i shouted "holy shit!" so loud even the gamblers next to me jumped..

Congrats to Stephen's team having 2 fighters win by K.O. !!

Great job Mark and Ben!

Even though Ben doesn't get on this forum...

Ben Case vs. Dao-somethingorother (26 fights)

Winner: Ben Case 4th round KO (Punches which lead to knee to the head KO, He went down, got up but wasnt fit to continue)

Ben is a very good fighter!

How long is he going to be in Thailand?

Tell Ben "CONGRATULATIONS!" from both Ryukyu and I!!! If he ever needs us to work his corner again, we're so totally there!

Thanks, guys. Yeah, Ben gets better every fight and seems to pick up a new dimension each training cycle...solid defense and strong offense. Plus genetically gifted at 6'3" and 167-172. Fun sparring him when your high kick hits his ribs. They fly out tomorrow.

RD - If you have specific questions regarding Jitti, email me and I'll put you in touch with Mark & Ben for the inside scoop.

So Ben is pro aswell?

Bens opponents name is Dowrord.

jaipetch, you're the man!

please tell Ben I said "you're the man!".

hope to see you guys again soon in NYC.

Watching Ben fight Justin I could see a ton of potential as a pro (great amatuer now).... He has a great body for Pro rules and is weel schooled and adapts well in the ring on the fly.

Congrats again Steve. I expect to hear big things out of your camp in the future

Thanks Mark! and thanks for the kind words from everyone. hopefully see
you all soon at some shows

So Ben is pro aswell?

Thanks for the congrats Primo, why so worried about peoples' status?