Conor TKO’ing Eddie vs. GSP sub‘ing Bisping

Conor moved up a division and TKO’d their champ and made him look like an amateur fighter to become a belt holder in 2 divisions at the same time. GSP moved up a weight division and came back from a 4 year layoff to submit Bisping to become the MW champion.

Which one was more impressive to you?



Hard one. Both impressive tests but gsp coming off a layoff and going up is impressive. They both finished the fight as well. Toss up

Conors fight was a butchering though.


Both awesome performances.

Unfortunately it was also the last great fight for both men.


One beat a guy who could be considered physically disabled. I hate to go there, but GSP definitely took advantage of the situation, so it really should be considered.


The disabled guy who ko’d Rockhold for the mw title, then actually defended a title against Hendo? That disabled guy?


I think GSP is the GOAT but that Conor performance was career-defining. It conjured memories of Jones-Shogun and Silva-Leben… completely one-sided beatdowns and dismantlings.

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Yes. Bisping was a fantastic 1 eyed fighter, but he still was a 1 eyed fighter. If they were more thorough in their medical checks, he would have been medically disqualified from competing. That is disabled.

I feel like we’re getting really far off topic, but, be realistic about the commission. They turned a blind eye.



Bisping is blind in one eye and GSP used that to his advantage; Rockhold & Hendo did not. This is from Bisping’s mouth, not mine. :wink:

Not challenging you, just trying to add to the conversation… is there any evidence that GSP knew about Bisping’s eye? It seems out of character that he’d even take the fight if he knew Bisping only had one eye. So then the next question is if GSP became aware during the fight that Bisping was having a hard time seeing, did he take advantage of it? I think we could figure that out by looking at the tape. BUT… has GSP acknowledged the situation publicly?

Bisping’s eye really has the potential to become one of the bigger legends in MMA (like Tito’s cracked skull)

GSP admits it here [edited to add exact time they talk about it]:

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The difference between that Conor performance and the Jones-Shogun and Silva-Leben fights is that those fights propelled Jones and Silva into a great championship run…whereas that was Conor’s last and only win in the division.

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GSP did really well. His fight was a war.

Conor’s performance was a masterpiece!

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McNutthuggers clinging to the past. Eddie was taylor made for Connie. Eddie has also been knocked out by Chinese nobodies since. Even though GSP ducked Anderson for years and cherry picked Mike, it was still more impressive than beating Eddie Alvarez. Lol

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Rent free :joy::joy:

gsps was greater cuz he shut bispings mouth

Both guys were cherry-picked. Conor just made it less obvious by still being active.

How much money did you win on that fight?

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Tough one.

Conor looked better. One of the best looking performances ever. At the same time, Eddie clearly folded mentally – Conor broke him before they stepped in the cage (credit to Conor).

GSP faced a lot more adversity in the Bisping fight. But, Bisping showed up to fight that night. And Bisping was an absolute MFer for almost anyone (except TRTitor).

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