Conor TKO’ing Eddie vs. GSP sub‘ing Bisping

I think both of those and DC’s win over Stipe to be a double champ were all equally impressive.Bader winning the Bellatro HW GP to be a double champ is as well.

This is true.

Two huge moments for sure.

I’m glad you were able to admit that you’re wrong.

You’re a flog mate

Couldn’t even come up with 1 lmao

It was 5 years ago. That’s how relevant your boy is

One argument in favor of GSP over both Conor and DC is that nobody believed that GSP was an actual MW. Conor stuck at 155 and had previously won belts in that division in other promotions. DC was always a better HW than he was at LHW.

Conor was better at 145. But, he was also a normal sized LW.

GSP was legitimately fighting up a weight class. So bad that it gave him colitis. That’s what Izzy was doing, too. And Wand when he fought at HW.