Conor's coach suggests a possible McGregor vs Holloway 2 fight should happen at an open weight

Would a rematch between McGregor and Holloway be that much more entertaining if neither had to cut weight for the fight?

Lol of course he does


Sounds like Conor just doesn’t want to work hard.



Most entitled and delusional group of fucks ever to enter MMA.


I would gladly watch. Max deserves the payday plus he seemed intimidated the first fight and I don’t think he would have that problem now. Max doesn’t have great power but is ridiculously durable and Conor has exceptional power but is not very durable.

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MvGregor obviously has been weighing more than hed like people to think thats why he fought Diaz 2x at 170

i remember for the Aldo fight or Chad fight, one of the embedded episodes had him meeting the mayor of LV and he told her he weighed 174…this was as he was cutting down to 145. So the idea that he only weighed 168 on fight night vs Diaz is nonsense

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I really don’t think he was previously. He came in at 168 their first fight. Now he’s probably at least 180 since he’s been bulking & probably roiding up. Seems like that’s his routine now is to bro bodybuilding.

He might’ve not been in camp & training like he was at the end of camp for Diaz.

it was literally during an embedded leading up to the fight

Look at his frame @ 155 compared to Poirier. He doesn’t have as thick of a waist or ankles. He has to gain more muscle in other areas to compensate.

So he cut more weight than needed to fight the larger man? When he was going on & on about being able to eat everything he wanted?

He’s not a big guy. He has a big head & fists. But ankles, waist, height, not so much. Longer legs & arms than torso.

Huh? Can he not make 155 anymore?

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Next week;
And they should do shots and lines between rounds.

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Just rematch Dennis Siver and get it over with.


This man knows.

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he wanted to keep the narrative that Diaz was a giant compared to him…so he cut a few pounds to get under 170. Its not unheard of. Even heavyweights have been known to cut a few pounds to throw off the opponent.

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yes we know he’s a manlet…and enjoys fighting manlets more manlety than him. Anyone close to his natural size he has struggled with. I doubt he can beat any current top 5 LW. His only UFC LW win was vs a guy that got released years ago.

This is just getting sad.