Cooking with Chef Roberto

Guys I just made up a great recipe for all of you who want to gain muscle mass and minimal fat. 1lb 98% lean ground beef, stir-fry it on pam spray (0 cals). When its well done turn off the stove and add 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil (60 cals). Then add 1 cup light Ragu sauce (100 cals).
There you have it!
1lb meat =120 cals per 4oz x 4= 1lb= 480 cals
tsp extra-virgin olive oil= 60 cals
1 cup light Ragu= 100 cals

Total calories: 640
Protein: A LOT!

Eat this before you go to sleep to wake up feeling like a million bucks!

Sounds tasty!

here's one of my fave's, we'll call it a bulking recipe, and it is SOOOOOOO GOOD!:

i get like a kg of lean ground beef, brown it, fry some onions and maybe some tomato in there too, add a tonne of chili powder, cayenne pepper, pepper, a little salt, and some sugar if you want- not really necessary... then add like one of those small jars of old el paso taco sauce, and like a small can of hunts tomato sauce. you want enough liquid so it isn't too liquidy, like for leftovers it should be thicker, but there can be some liquid when you first serve it, doesn't have to be super thick.... boil that for awhile and then simmer it till it thickens a little...

at the same time, bake 5-10 potatos.

mash the potatos up, pour the meat shit on top, add some cheese to your liking. if you use lean ground beef, and lay back on the cheese and sugar, you have one nice fucking bulking meal... of course you can bulk even more by going heavy on those things but they are not the most favourable choices.

the way it is here, this can feed me for 2-4 meals.

You can definately use normal olive oil.

I'm hungry.

try mine! try mine! hahah, it's so good, i promise.