Correia: I will beat Rousey and retire undefeated

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                                Correia: I will beat Rousey and retire undefeated

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                    <p>Bethe Correia has already defeated two of the four horse women and with Rousey the only one left in the UFC, has her eyes set on the champion:</p>

"I don’t know what Dana White’s plans are, but I respect his decision. He knows what he has to do. But the only thing I can say is I want to be the champion so bad," Correia responded. "I know I would give Ronda a great fight. I’m capable of beating Ronda. I know that."

"I’m one of the first women to sign with the UFC, I’m undefeated, and I have the right to ask for this opportunity," she continued. "I want the title fight. I challenge Ronda Rousey to end my invincibility, because she won’t. I’m the one who will retire as the undefeated UFC champion. My dream is to fight for the title. I want to show the whole world that I’m the UFC champion."

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I doubt she would last one round with Rousey. Would be fun to see her try though.

Does she know Ronda is p4p #8 and rising?

That's PRETTY HIGH LEVEL Phone Post 3.0

Hip toss. Arm bar. Good night.

she's also got a BOOTY Phone Post 3.0

rufus -

Hip toss. Arm bar. Good night.

Sadly this. Phone Post 3.0

rufus - 

Hip toss. Arm bar. Good night.

No doubt.

This bish is delusional. Not a Honda fan but shes on a different level as ALL the other women in the UFC, period. I don´t see anyone beating her at that point. But of course a Cyborg fight would be pretty intriguing. Prob a fight with Holly Holm as well until it goes to the ground.

I'd do Bethe vs Holly Holm and Rousey vs Carano or Zingano next.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - I'd do Bethe vs Holly Holm and Rousey vs Carano or Zingano next.

Bethte v. Holm sounds good, but I don´t think Carano will give a competitive fight for Ronda at this point...she´s been out for way too long, guess though it would do good PPV numbers. Zingano would make sense for Rousey since shes had #1 contender status a while ago anyways. But imo nobody in the 135 pound division is able to beat the current champ.

There is nothing more i would love to see than some competition for Ronda, but this chick ain't it. Armbar within 2 mins Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I doubt it. ... But I'm starting to want to see this fight, tho. Phone Post 3.0

hendofanforlife(LMBBchamp!) -

although she is improving a lot between fights, if she had trouble fending off shaynas grappling, shed be fucked with rouseys. and rousey now has one strike ko power. 

but hey, its mma and anything can happen and ronda needs a next opponent. 

Where do you get that? Because she rocked a girl with a punch she now has 1 punch ko power? Phone Post

That barrage of body and head shots she was landing was a thing of beauty.

Good luck landing them against RR though... Phone Post 3.0

She beats Ronda.

Phone Post 3.0

No Phone Post

As much as I dislike Honda, I don't see this happening. Also Beth is doing some bold statements there that are pretty much in the same league that make me dislike the current champ.

No. No she won't.

shit i like her confidence and i wish this were likely but no, just no

She forgot to say "I have a dream" first. Phone Post 3.0