Correia: Rousey hasn't proved she's the best

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                                Correia: Rousey hasn't proved she's the best

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                    <p>Bethe Correia&nbsp;in undefeated in her first three UFC fights and defeated Shayna&nbsp;Baszler and Jessemyn Duke in her last two fights. Both Baszler and Duke and training partners of Ronda Rousey, whom Correira has her eyes set on next:</p>

"I already proved to the world that the Four Horsewomen are a big joke," Correia said. "I just need to conclude my work getting the number one, the leader. … I'm only waiting for the UFC to give me this chance so I can end this group once and for all and show who's the woman that came to stay and will be the only one to retire undefeated."

"If it's in March you can be sure there will be a new champ in March," Correia said. … "The only thing I recognize [about] her as an athlete is what she did for women's MMA. But even as the UFC champion she still hasn't proven she's the best woman fighter. She just proved she's the best Judo fighter in MMA. I will show I have a more complete, true MMA game."

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Riiiiiiiight. Phone Post 3.0

Ok Bethe.


Is Conor the only one backing up his statements with the "realistic how" lately? Somebody needs to tell her there's a large gap between head steed and the pack mules

Actually. Yes she has She has done exactly that. Phone Post 3.0

If the Gif of Big John holding up her hand as she pelvic thrusts then this Thread is DOA! Phone Post 3.0

Bethe just went full retard.

Lol. Delusional Phone Post 3.0

bethe has some of the sloppy groundwork

shes getting the arm taken fast

her manager should try to groom her a bit more before being sent to the back of the chow line

Smoking the same shit as numergumedov


Ronda is gonna maul her sooner or later. Phone Post 3.0

Not a fan of ronda, but yeah she has proved shes the best.


I mean it gave some legitimacy to the division just by Meisha making it to the 3rd round.

That says a lot about ronda's dominance.

ronda runs through bethe in under a minute

I would like to think she is right but I don't see her beating Ronda right now. She did prove that the other 3 horses are a joke though Phone Post 3.0

neddac - The Four Horsemen were formed as damage control after the joke Ronda made of herself on TUF.
And then....? Phone Post 3.0

neddac - It's trash talk but she doesn't really say anything incorrect.

Rousey IS the best judo in MMA and ISN'T a top flight striker.

Again, it's trash talk!!

Anyone who disagrees isn't looking at it subjectively.

I am not sure about that....

- sara mcmanns liver and Alexis Davis's face

I guess Ronda will have to fight Batman to put Bethe's doubts to rest. Phone Post 3.0

Ha Phone Post 3.0

I'm not a big fan of Rousey due how she acts outside the Octagon, but to say she hasn't proven herself is a little bit silly IMO.

Mark Hunter - I'm not a big fan of Rousey due how she acts outside the Octagon, but to say she hasn't proven herself is a little bit silly IMO.

Agree i dont care for her personality.

but undefeated with 100% finish rate is pretty legit.

I honestly don't think Beth could beat Tate or Cat, let alone Rousey.

Be that as it may, don't fault her for talking shit. Ronda did the same thing around the same point in her career. Bethe is just following the current blueprint. Ronda essentially talked herself right into a title fight. Phone Post 3.0