Costa rips Khamzat

Costa has become so much more likable lately.
I’d hope he beats Khanat

maybe i over reacted but dont get why Im a dumb ass when i thought we were friendly here for saying Usman dominated Burns which he did.

You’re not a dumbass, it was just my over the top way of disagreeing with you. It was a short fight and Burns had Usman in serious trouble during their fight.

ok my bad i over reacted .Usman TKOed Burns Ill have to watch it again

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fight was actually closer than I thought But a finish is a finish

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Burns rocked Usman once or twice in the first round. After that Usman beat him down

Khamzat dominated Burns early. Dropped him in round 1 with a jab and beat the piss out of him. I think he got overly excited and nearly gassed himself out. He definitely still won and it was a good learning curve for him. Khamzat is still getting better between fights which is scary

We all knew he’d beat Diaz. And we all knew he’d beat Holland but did we think it’d be that easy or quick? No. That was impressive

Does anyone think Usman or Colby would have finished Holland that easy and quick? No way no how


Ultimately, yes of course, throw him in there with Usman and whomever has the title at 185 in a few months.
For now, I want to see how any of the above 3 do, Colby in particular.

u can not deny Burns gave Khmazat a MUCH tougher figtht than he gave Usman


thinking and doing are 2 different things…If u want say that then u can say Usman finished Burns ,Khamzat didnt.Just because one person beats one doesnt mean another will.Or in the same fashion.Usman and Colby havent fought anyone out of the top 10 in 5 years .Khamzat has 1 win over a top 5 guy his weight and cuts a ton to make 170.Is he very good ? yes it appears that way But he hasnt fought 1 guy who is good at wrestling and defending the takedown.That said I think hed have a good shot to beat either But is a 185er and should fight 185.To come in at 178 and say thats not bad and give fans the finger is not someone i can root for .I agree with Khabib that he needs to be around people who can teach him how to act

Didn’t Khabib beat Conor and then jump out of the cage to attack Conor’s corner?


not a fan of Khabib i root for him to lose any fight hes in But I agree with that statement…and do as I say not as I do

I’m just saying his actions take away from his words. Hypocrisy has a way of making people not take you seriously.

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Khamzat was out of control last week probly cause he was cranky about his weight cut gone bad,.He acted like a thug not a fighter Then misses weight by 8 pounds like an amateur and says not that bad No apology to anyone .Im not a fan ,.Is he good ? yes Am I a fan ? no


Usman also had to beat Maia/RDA to get a title shot who were both top 5

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People out here forgetting that fuckin Yoel Romero had to WORK for position & any potantial takedowns on Paulo…we can compare Khamzat & Yoels wrestling all day but that wont look good for Khamzat

Khamzat wouldn’t be taking him down at will or at all. Taking down Paulo is different than taking down a former 155er or some dude that isnt in the top 30 in his ranked class.


Colby @ 170 or Vettori @ 185 are matchups I’d like to see.


Great point.

Dude… Winston and floppy are my favorite people here. If they start fighting, I quit.


we good I think i was Cranky,Thanks for the support .My offer stands to buy any UGer a beer if they in my hometown of Huntington Long Island