Cote's opponent for UFC 83 is...

TBA. I think he should take on Marquardt. That would be his first real test. If he wasn't already fighting soon I would say Cote vs Sakara as well.

It's Belcher

Shitty matchup.

How is that a shitty matchup?

Two guys with Dynamite in their fists. Great matchup!

its gonna be a slugfest

Great fight for the fans. Both guys come straight forward and throw bombs. Definate fight of the night and KO of the night possibilities.

War Belcher!!!!

LOL at shitty matchup. It's the perfect matchup!

If Belcher doesnt play the whos chin is stronger game and he sticks to technical strking, he'll win. I got Alan.

Awesome, looking forward to this more than any of the other fights on the 83 card besides GSP-Serra.

Wow.. Hell of a fight.

Ok It's not a shitty matchup, I just wanted to see him fight Marquardt.

great matchup two guys that looked real good in their last fights

Sakara, Belcher or Kampmann would be great.

damn yes! I wanna see Kampmann back in the mix.. I'll pick him over Cote any day

gonna be a great standup war!!!

Kampmann out til May or something right? MW will be stacked if Tanner is back to his old form and Kampmann comes back. Lots of great fights. Now all they need is Lindland!

"Now all they need is Lindland!"

And Gerard Mousasi (19-2) who has recently been tearing shit up in HCF and Bodog.

Belcher will tke him out on the feet