Could BJ beat Guida?

 BJ has awesome takedown defense but his takedowns are nothing special. He would get clinched against the cage and gas out as always against one of the most tireless guys in the sport.

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BJ can beat anyone at 55.

 Almost anyone can beat anyone at 155. I should have phrased the title "WOULD Penn beat Guida".

Ok then, YES BJ would beat Clay.

as much as i would love to see guida maul him, it seems doubtful

Most likely so, though I'm almost certain if Guida did absolutely nothing but pin him into the fence fighting for take downs he'd win barring a submission off the back by BJ.

if it's not left up to the judges

BJ would beat the crap out of clay.....And I like Clay (except for his recent LnP issues)

how can you beat a guy who wins fights by grabbing onto a guy and just squeezing him. nate diaz barely had a mark on his face as did danzig. so my answer is no if hugging a guy for 15 minutes = winning a fight.

After the embarrassing defeat at the hands of GSP, I doubt BJ will ever enter the cage again.

Especially if GSP is somewhere in the building.

BJ would finish him within 3.

Same as always on here, whenever someone loses a big fight all of a sudden they will get beat by everyone and the winner will take over the planet.

 " Why do people think BJ has awesome takedown defense?  Who has he stopped?"

Well he stopped more of GSP's than Hughes, Fitch, or Koscheck did, so that's impressive. I guess if GSP says he was just trying to wear him out that's one thing, but it sure looked like he was trying to take him down to me.


no, BJ could not beat guida. just like he couldn't beat sherk.

guida's stand up is mediocre - busy, not technical, and not too powerful. nate was doing fine against guida until he tried taking guida down and ended getting his back taken. as long as bj focuses on sprawling and brawling, i think he takes it. clay's takedowns are nowhere close to gsp's.

i think BJ would KO Clay.
Clay would not be able to take him down. and BJ would knee him up in the clinch, and look to break away, and the standup is way in favor of BJ.

orcus makes CRE look like Kirik

BJ would control Clay

Guida? Is this a fucking joke?  BJ lost to the best WW on the planet, not some goddamn can, and all of a sudden, BJ is a can to half of the forum tards. Why the hell would he lose to Clay "the backpack" Guida? Guida has looked like shit his past few fights. I actually can't believe Nate didn't get the decision last night. Clay did nothing and did just as much nothing against Danzig. BJ would smash Guida to shreds.