Could Couture beat Tyson?

I read an article about Mike Tyson's recent loss that said that he's washed up since he's 38 years old. That got me to thinking that Randy Couture is 40 years old and is still at the top of his game.

Now obviously Tyson is a boxer and has never done MMA or wrestling, but let's just say that Tyson trained for the next two years full time with top notch MMA trainers. So now Tyson is 40 and Randy is 42. Who wins an MMA match between the two?

I'd just love to see Couture whup Tyson.

Couture, mainly because it takes strength and athleticism to get to the level of wrestling he was at. When you add in his MMA experience and work ethic, the win goes to the Natural.


if he can withstand the shot before he gets a take down, probably

cap all the way

Randy Couture would win this fight. No question.

Your honestly asking who would win as if your saying Tyson has a chance.He wouldn't even fight in the old UFC days what makes you think he would want to fight now when the guys are ten times better than before?Couture would demolish "Kid Dynamite" with little trouble.

Randy Couture has never lost to a striker. So in MMA, I think that Randy would beat him.

Say that the rules went like this, one round of boxing and then the next round would be MMA rules and then back to boxing and then back to MMA and so on and so forth. Would Tyson be able to KO Randy during the boxing round or would Randy surive the boxing rounds and destroy Tyson in the MMA rounds.

Two years would not be enought to develop the takedown defense.  Randy would take him down at will, and from there it would be as good as over. 

Dude, save yourself some face and take this thread down.....

Couture would GnP Tyson.

Would Couture win? Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Wait... that's not right, is it?

mma? randy 10/10

Of course he'd beat him in MMA!

However, Tyson would KO Randy fairly easy in Boxing. Just as easy as Couture would throw Tyson on his head in a wrestling match.

Randy would have the edge in a MMA fight no question about it. But I would never bet against Tyson. He's a fast starter. He really laid it on Williams in the first round. Randy screamed that he quit against Ricco's punches. Could you imagine the look of terror if Tyson landed a punch with one of those small gloves? It Tyson trains for MMA he will be a force. Just because he's not the best boxer in boxing anymore, dosent mean he wouldnt be the best boxer in MMA.

Randy Couture would MAUL Tyson


The only question here is which limb Randy would choose to break.

Tyson is a washed up. He has no heart, he dogs it when he trains, too many personal problems. Couture always trains hard and would rape Tyson if they fought.

I agree with Ozz. Tyson fought for $8 Million and if he won could have easily earned this figure or more in his next fight. Tyson is bankrupt and needs the money yet he couldn't even find the time, effort or reason to train.
He got Ko'd in the 4th as he had no gas left in the tank. If Tyson was to fight any MMA fighter he would train even less than he did for Williams and therefore have less fitness than he did for his last fight. Providing a MMA fighter could take him to the ground it would be all over as Tyson would run out of steam with in the 1st round!
Also you have to remember Tyson was world champ almost 20 years ago. MMA fighters seem to peak later in age.
If Tyson wanted to really learn grappling he could probably do a good job but when he can't put effort in to earn $8 million what makes any one think he would put effort in to fight a MMA fighter for less money?

And i'm a boxing fan who would love to see a good close match between a boxer and a MMA fighter!