Countdown to UFC293 : Adesanya vs Strickland

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I suck at internet. Thanks

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Thanks, some how my other thread got locked. This place…

i did it , no need for DUPES in dis place

Lol come on, this place has a lot more problems than two threads :rofl::joy:

People apparently care about this thread just like they do the hype for this fight.

Im not very well liked around here

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For once we agree.

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Strickland gets his 15 minutes!

This is his career high.

He was built up (minimally)
to give Izzy an easy title defense.


What a faggot avatar btw…

3 fighters I honestly could not care less about

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Seriously who the fuck would want to see a Jared rematch against either Izzy or Sean? This is the weakest MW has been, possibly ever.

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Not enough sheep fuckers for your liking?


I mean its better than a picture of a beach in Puerto Rico

You’ll love San Juan!

Looks like a great place you can take your boyfriend. When are you going back to PR?

Hopefully all of next summer. I just have to play my cards right. I want it to be perfect instead of rushed.