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MMAWeekly has confirmed through various independent sources close to the situation that Randy “The Natural” Couture is set to announce his return from retirement. Never one to sidestep a challenge, his first opponent is to be UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia.

Couture surprisingly announced his retirement less than a year ago following a loss to UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell at UFC 57. At the time, having just lost 2 out of 3 fights with Liddell, it appeared there weren’t many choice fights left for the first man to win titles in two different UFC weight classes.

Always a competitive spirit, Couture has since competed on Spike TV’s “Pros vs. Joes” and fought to a draw in a professional submission grappling match with Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. It now appears that Couture is ready for a new challenge in MMA, returning to the heavyweight division to confront Sylvia at UFC 68 on March 3rd in Ohio.

There had been negotiations to have Sylvia make his next title defense against heavyweight contender Brandon Vera. But Vera has only one fight left on his current contract and the UFC will not extend a title shot to a fighter that could wind up leaving the promotion following the fight. Apparently negotiations on an extension with Vera are at an impasse with sources revealing that Vera is asking for a rather large signing bonus that the UFC is unwilling to agree to. It is likely that Vera will end up sitting for much of the remainder of his contract, reportedly in the neighborhood of eight months, and then be given a fight in a preliminary bout to finish out his contract.

Despite taking some flack for not being as exciting as some fans would like recently, Sylvia has been on a tear winning his last six fights in a row, pushing his record to 23-2. The streak includes an impressive knockout of Tra Telligman, a decision over Assuerio Silva, a TKO of Andre Arlovski to regain the heavyweight title, and decision defenses against Arlovski and Jeff Monson.

Having just added a three-fight extension to the one fight left on his previous contract, Sylvia poses a difficult task for Couture. He is much larger than Couture, cutting weight to make the 265-pound limit of the heavyweight division and stands 6’8” tall. Couture has had difficulty with larger fighters in the past, he lost to both Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez, neither of which has the size of Sylvia.

In a post-fight interview at UFC 57, MMAWeekly co-founder Ryan Bennett told Couture, “Captain America can’t retire… you’re not going anywhere.” Couture responded with a chuckle saying, “It’s gotta end sometime. I’m ready to focus on something else.” Although his focus did shift to other areas for a while, Couture never really strayed too far. And now, Captain America is ready to return.



stop the madness.

60/40 in favor of Randy is my call...Which basically makes it official that he will win.


Win one for us old guys Natural!...

WTF? What happen to Vera?

i want randy to win just so i can see randy/crocop


Couture should stay retired. Tim will beat him.

so is this for the title? i assume it is

ttt for the disrespecting of a true legend in the sport.
ttt forgetting how you screamed with your friends when Randy spanked tito on the ass.

ttt for ignoring a man that became one of the best in the world in his 40's

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You tell em Sac!!...

TTT For the Natural!


hughes taking down sylvia in training don't mean much i'm sure tim isn't trying to ko hughes like in a real fight..its just training

Go Randy! I hope Randy beats the piss out of TS. The UFC heavyweight division is back on track with Crocop and Couture in the mix! Hell YEH!

No one remembers the pre fight interviews?
Everyone saying chuck would walk through randy?
Every celeb they interviewed?
No one remembers Joe rogan yelling out affirmation as chuck took a rollercoaster ride?
You guys dont remember him mounting the Iceman and ending the fight in the third round?
What about the class and poise with which he handled the post fight, not that either?
You all forget the same shit recycled with tito?
No one remembers Randy speaking in the ring and not to the camera?
Not one of you jumped off the couch when Randy took tito ortiz down for the first time in his career?
None of you stayed standing and watched as it happened time and time again....?

There are alot of extremely skilled fighters that can set an example in the cage.

Very few have half the class of the Natural.

Amen Werneck!

Awwww hellls yeah!!! Could go either way IMO.

If they do fight I bet the ufc are planning on Randy winning and fighting Crocop.

WOW. Pretty big news.

Obviously Randy sees something in Tim's game that he feels he can exploit easily enough to justify his return.

Best of luck to him.

I see a spark has been started with Sac....