Do any of you guys work with someone who irritates the shit out of you? I mean really piss you off to the point where you want to put a hole in his face so deep that your elbow gets bloody?

I don't work at EliteXC any more.


i used to. he got moved to station 23.

PatrickFreitas - I don't work at EliteXC any more.


Let me send him a platter of "special" brownies.
Make sure nobody else eats them.
Then a anonymous call get him a positive on his drug test.
No more irritating co worker.

I would NEVER do something like that because its wrong.

call me.

Go to vault.

Sign out M14.

Throw on work bench.

Detail strip, inspect, clean and lube.

Feel better??

If yes, return to vault and turn in weapon.

If not, let fly the bolt closed and make pow pow pow sounds with your mouth.

Trust me you'll feel better.

If not........go eat lunch :P

remember the thread aboud 150million dollars of 1 day where no law applies to u?



LOL@ people who'd take the money!

 I'll bet there are a bunch of people on here that would kill to find out where Mr. K/CCF works to deliver said bloody elbow


 Thats why I like being one of the boss's

One of the boss' what? Fluffer?

BMFL, I just brain stormed...who you working with? lol. Take it easy man, you don't work with me otherwise I'd let you hit me in the head...repeatedly if it'd make you feel better. I'm a decent striking bag if you're feelin' down.

JIMMYNAKs knows something though. the eyebrow

nalu's too much!

*wonders who the culprit might be. hmmmmm

Hey, at least you don't work with the guy for 24 hrs at a time...

Oh wait, I guess you.

That's what the mats are at the station for. A little rolling can always escalate to something more. Just remember not to have any 'witnesses'. Or as a former Captain of mine used to say, "drunk no count" with the holidays coming up it's a good excuse to get together outside of work and let your true feelings out. Just remember to have a video camera handy. Make sure you have him say the "I no like grappo" line over and over.

"Cap, I don't know what happened, I just found him like that"


BMFL's been known to crack a rib or two while "training at the station".

^His own rib or the other guy's?


I recommend cookies. They make me happy. Problem is lessened with many good cookies.

PatrickFreitas - One of the boss' what? Fluffer?

 atleast i have a job! ;)

kanotoa - nalupono What was the guys problem? A-hole, lazy?

you name it and he did it. complete airhead who couldn't do his job. not just couldn't do the job, didn't know how to get anything done. whenever there was a question, he would ask someone else what to do. never could make a decision. i could go on, but he's gone and in a much better place. far away from me and the westside.

Fya Man - "Cap, I don't know what happened, I just found him like that"

would have to say "chief, i don't know what happened, i just found him like that" lol