Craig Jones and Mo Jassim

Does anyone know the story that Nicky Ryan is referring to in his post? Haven’t heard anything about it.


“As you guys know I try my best to stay out of social media drama…”

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Could be because Craig is openly saying adcc does not pay enough. Not sure of the exact posts but likely related to that.

Friend sent this to me though I still have no idea what’s going on.

These guys are such fucking dorks.

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From what I can gather, Craig thinks it’s ridiculous that the world’s most famous grappling tourney is only giving away 10k for 1st place. In addition to being very outspoken about it, I think he’s also questioned how much Mo is making and has scheduled a charity tourney simultaneously for much higher winnings, like 100k vs 10. Ostensibly, that’d mean the money goes to charity so I don;t know if he’ll get a lot of names but it still pisses Mo off.

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Have another

Did Craig get Saudi money?

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If he’s able to pull this off, and set it the same weekend as adcc as he’s suggested, things will get very interesting later this summer

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The same weekend thing is a bad idea. No way you will get 32 best guys when it’s on the same weekend as ADCC.

Unless adcc pays $1m to their winners, i can see the top guys jumping ship for an easy payday. Shit i would lol

For sure. If this is real, contracts probably being signed now as he’s even mentioned 10k to show.

ADCC is only still the marquee grappling event because of scarcity. It’s a huge event every two years with a bunch of qualifying tournaments. People plan on going a year out, but flights and hotels etc.

If there were “big” grappling events like that out on regularly crowds and hype would die when within a few events.

Fight to win was PACKING small venues in the year or two they started, now they’re mostly empty outside of people competitors invited to watch.

I just don’t think there’s room for grappling to take off as a spectator sport. The barrier for casual sports fans is just too great.

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For the top 3 or so in any division it is a difficult decision. Go one way and maybe you win the big bucks, go the other and maybe win the prestigious title. Do you know in advance which way your competitors are going?

Latest wno was empty too. Even with a good card.

The no gi shit talking schtick is wearing thin. It gets old.

The CJI looks to be real thing taking place in vegas the same weekend as ADCC but the Friday and Saturday. Both the Tacketts have dropped out of ADCC and been replaced by trials medalists.

Andrew has since posted and confirmed he’s taking part in the CJI.

Interesting to see if any of the B Team guys drop out

Smart play woulda been to have it 2-3 months after ADCC and position themselves as the new top dog. Let ADCC do their thing and then come out after.

It’s like when CBJJO ran their “world championship” the same weekend as IBJJF. Why? Stupid