creatine and caffeine?

ive read a couple things that say not to take creatine supplements in conjunction with caffeine. why is this? im guessing they dont cancel each other out but im just wondering if anyone else has read about or heard this. thanks.

dehydration is my guess.

The original tests on creatine were done using tea.

dehydration is all i can think of.


why would dehydration be an issue? It has been shown as fallacy that coffee dehydrates you, the liquid in the coffee more than makes up for the slight diuretic effect.

From what I have read, Caffeine affects the absorption of Creatine therefore you should not take Creatine with Coffee, Tea, Coke, redbull etc. Doesn't mean you can't have a cup of Joe in the morning then take your Creatine after you workout in hte evening.

It's still a strong diuretic for me, no matter what your research says.


Just as a matter of interest, how much Joe do you get through in a day?

Just remember that the orignial tests used tea and the creatine worked fine.

I think there is even a stufy where they actually re-hydrated dehydrated athletes with coffee to show once and for all that the diuretic effect has been overstated. Don't know anything about creatine but coffee messes with uptakes of for example some different minerals like zink and iron, maybe it's something similar with creatine?

thanks androushka, that's what I was referring to.

Molsonman, any links to those studies? I'd be interested to see them! I've been taking my creatine in a glass of cold water after workouts recently.

Oh, i'm well aware of the research...

it's safe to say that not everyone reacts to everything in the same way. I think we have that one totally agreed on.