Creatine and grappling endurance?

How many of you take creatine while training grappling/MMA? How does it affect your game? Does it impact your endurance in one way or another?

I've become a creatine believer since experiencing some solid strength gains while using it periodically over the years(some of which I'm sure is placebo effect). I've never used creatine while training grappling/MMA though and am a little freaked at how it might affect my strength-endurance (or lack thereof) on the mat. I'm asking because I'd rather not spend the money on it if there's some consensus that you gass out on creatine.

It should increase your muscular endurance. That is it's purpose as a supplement. It is part of the energy system that converts spent ATP back into ATP for muscular contractions.

For clarification, Lumpy Gravy stated, "It is part of the energy system that converts spent ATP back into ATP for muscular contractions." He meant that it converts ADP into ATP.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

If you're going to grapple on creatine, you better drink enough water to blow out a camel's bladder. I got insane muscle cramps and I was drinking 1.5 gallons per day in addition to what I drank while training BJJ. Then again, other guys at the gym didn't cramp at all and didn't take any special steps to stay hydrated, so YMMV.

Yup lots of cramps in my feet when on creatine...

Drink up...

Yup. I didn't want to delve into it, so I decided to say "spent ATP" instead of confusing 'em with acronym soup.

I used creatine while submission grappling and it improved my grappling strength and endurance greatly.

The only drawback is that it kind of made my muscles feel bigger, but less hard.