Creatine weight gain

quick question....I took Creatine for 7 days about a month ago...was interested on how it would help me in the gym....anyway for one reason or another I decided to stop taking it after 7 days....thing is like 3 days after I started putting on weight...i figured it had something to do with water weight from the Creatine..i am now like 5-8 pounds heavier than I was before I took diet hasn't really changed and I have been doing a ton of cardio the last few weeks as I am back training MMA....still the weight has not left....i look pretty much the same too....could it still be the creatine retaining water or would it have gone through my system by now? thanks

Not sure how long you should be retaining the water. I lose it all in about 2 weeks after I stop taking it.

Same here, I gain 10 pounds after a week and a half of being on and then lose the weight 2 weeks after I quit taking it.

that's what I thought it was too....but it has been like a month since I quit taking it and I am still at the same weight....just strange....weighed like 181 lbs for two years then take creatine for 1 week, gain like 5-8 lbs after i stop taking it then 3 weeks later i'm still got the weight

I just read an article about this very thing in the NSCA
research journal. The study found that five days of taking
creatine can lead to weight gain that lasts over 30 days. The
reason is that the creatine stays in the muscle tissue longer
than previously thought. In the study one subject gained 4.5
lbs and kept that weight on for 30 days even though he was
taking in 600 cals/day less than before.

The study didn't go beyond 30 days, but they said that is
might take up to 60 days to lose the creatine from your
muscles, and return to normal weight.


that makes sense.....thanks for the info

Have you been eating a lot more meat recently? If so, perhaps the creatine in the meat has been enough for maintaining the creatine level in your muscles.

no my diet is pretty much the same...if anything I have been eating less meat.....

Apparently you need to be eating 10 pounds of steak a day to get the same benefits of proper creatine supplementation.

and that's what, 5 grams?

Probably more like 2-3 grams a day. The research is kinda conflicting on it. Here's some articles on it.