Criticizing Fighters is WRONG!

How arrogant are we guys cmon now??? Most of these top fighters train with TOP GUYS and TOP COACHES. I think they know what to expect and what they are talking about by the time they get to the "big show." Why do all these Noobs and Keyboard Warriors actually think that THEIR opinion matters? It doesnt!! Just sit back, shut up and watch the fights. No YouTube reviews or commentaries needed.

Be happy that we arent in the MMA dark ages and can watch MMA fights LIVE now without much challenge. No need to criticize or implode our sport from within. Being a fan and politely/respectfully discussing is one thing, but being some snobby critic is crossing the line into unnecessary and annoying. Sure we have the right to free speech, but what ever happened to having respect for others or having TACT?

Im sick and tired of people criticizing these fighters, but offering no REALISTIC solutions other than, "He should have set up his takedowns with strikes, or he should have threw some Thai kicks." NO SH*T!!! Stop trying to be a sideline coach. You arent Pat Miletich. There is only ONE Croatian Sensation! Stop trying to be somebody that you are not or if you are somebody "special"...PROVE IT TO US FIRST before you talk, talk, talk.

ANYONE CAN JUDGE OR CRITICIZE SOMEBODY! Thats the easy part. Its actually being in the trenches DOING it, is all that matters. If the criticized fighters wanted you in their corner or in their camp...they would have asked you. They didnt so stop trolling or hating the guys that are trying to entertain you!!

Respect ALL fighters because they lay it ALL on the line just to entertain all of us. Whatever happened to respect and honor or following Bruce Lee's principles? Or did we just sell out completely as a society and compromise our values?

Unless you have something POSITIVE to say about ANY fighter regardless of their ability or record...KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, unless however you want to back it up in front of the whole Underground and MMA community by stepping in the cage and putting it all on the line.

Otherwise, MMA as a sport will be run by a collective group of trolls and Keyboard Warriors like the ones found here in the Underground. Trolls are a dime a dozen nowadays but yet all of "us" do NOTHING about it??? WHY???

Stop the hate and celebrate!

Love them or hate them, you should RESPECT ALL fighters...even the ones that make mistakes or arent as good as others. If you get in the cage or ring you have MY COMPLETE RESPECT. We are ALL human and make mistakes, so its wrong to criticize WITHOUT offering a POSITIVE solution or compromise.

Dont forget our MMA past history guys, or else we wont have much of a future for our sport.

Without fighters we dont have MMA period. Unless you guys like bowling THAT much...

perhaps a list of known "Fighter Bashers" would help

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It's part of sports.

You can respect fighters and criticise them as well, respectfully. Fans have the right to express their opinions. But I don't think we should do it in a disrespectful or malicious way.

For example, I was not impressed with BJ's lack of post-fight interview after beating Pulver, especially after Pulver gave him much respect and kind words. BJ could have atleast addressed that. But instead, he walks right out and leaves the viewers hanging.

And BJ is one of my all-time favorite fighters.

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Gabe eats cake

tenchu is offering a criticism and a reason why he feels BJ was disrespectful

Marcwithac is fighter bashing

so easy to see the difference

I agree that it gets old and it is the main reason that many top pros stopped posting on this forum but to a certain extent you just have to understand that if you are going to post on the underground you are going to see some shit that pisses you off because there are many keyboard warriors that have never even been hit with a punch nor done a single sit up and yet they think they know EVERYTHING about MMA. couldn't survive without it. Next.

So what Gabe eats cake? So do I? So do alot of people I would think? Sure he made a mistake OK! Fine. But move on. That was old the night it was shown on TV. Its time to move on dont you think? Why dont we beat a dead horse here?

I think Gabe has went thru enough seeing he isnt fighting in the UFC currently. But, Im sure that he will be doing something positive for MMA in the future and I know he definitely has in the past. How many times has he fought for people to be entertained? That has got to count for something, or do we just erase the past like it never happened?

You dont have to like him or anyone else. Its a free country. Just show some respect to the fighters please. And if you dont well, it just goes to show why there are "gods and clods" in the world. Its easy to be a talker, but its much harder to be a DOer.

Discussing something is perfectly fine. But fighter bashing isnt. Its up to us to differentiate between the two and act accordingly.

Sifting through troll shit is part of the Underground Experience.

talking to pro fighters and serious fight fans is another

I am willing to do the first to achieve the second.

I hope it doesn`t turn into wading through troll shit up to my neck to catch the tail end of a thread where a pro fighter is telling the board he has had it with this place and we can all Fuck Off!

Perhaps the thread title is throwing people LVGrappler702.

Maybe it should read Bashingfighters is Wrong

you cannot change the title.

I'm just saying the title implies criticizing fighters is wrong.
i think we all agree criticism is part of the territory but there is a big difference between "criticism" and "bashing"

Mostly correct, but it will never change so...

BTW Wang really shouldn't try to stand in fights.

agreed, he seems to get his ass handed to him when he stands up, i have not seen his ground game but have heard it is very strong.

Welcome to mainstream television and media.

Does anybody know where I can find the Kimbo diet?



...then I don't want to be right.