Criticizing Fighters is WRONG!

jesus christ chill out..why are you even trying to change something that will always be a part of all sports ? The fighters and all athletes know it is a part of the game when they reach the big time shows.

Also I hate the argument that you can't critize athletes just because you yourself aren't as good as them.

LOL @ you criticizing my profession and gambling.

You just may well be the dumbest motherfuker to grace the UG.

Nothing wrong with criticism. You should have worded your thread different.  If a guy sucks , shows up outa shape, or doesnt properly train we should  ignore it right?  As long as I'm paying to watch, I call it like I see it.

Its not a perfect world gunsmoke.  Now go back to your bubble and cockslop some more fighter jocks.

You are trying to hard. On a scale of Fail - 10 I rate this a fail-.

TTT for LVGrappler702

I agree.. These guys train so hard and many of the people on here have never even tasted the sacrifices they make.

I know it will always be there, Im just saying that we as a MMA community need to ignore posts with no substance or quality to them. Its not so much about criticizing or discussing a topic, UNLESS or UNTIL you cross the line to fighter bashing. The fighters might know that it that its "part of the game," but that doesnt mean that they have to accept it, nor should we. Problems exist all over. We as people can just choose to ignore them, compromise our morals, and remain quiet or we can take action. Sure its an uphill battle that most likely never will be won, but its important that you stick up for something if you truly believe in it. Otherwise why are we all living a lie and a fake reality? Doing the right thing doesnt always mean its the easiest or most convenient thing to do. Being a warrior to me is standing up for what you believe in, even though others may hate on you, doubt you, criticize you, bash you, or stand in your way.

Respect the past, present and future of MMA and dont fighter bash!


I guess that means I can't criticize or complain about politicians unless I run for office? No opinions on the NFL until you've played there? (No CFLers should try to sneak their opinions in) Perhaps its only criticism you have a problem with. Does that mean I can only compliment them? If opinions bother you so much go live in North Korea or some other totalitarian state. Seriously, THINK before you type. If you don't like the criticism, ignore it rather than trying to prevent others from expressing theirs. Better still point out why you think they are wrong. The correctness of an opinion is in no way based on who says it. Being a fighter doesn't make it right just as not being a fighter doesn't make it wrong.

You're in the wrong forum, pal.

Showing up out of shape is one thing. But if they do still fight inshape or not and actually do or lose they have my respect. They got in there and put it on the line. If they were dumb enough to show up out of shape, then thats their fault if they lose. Only they know the truth though and its not any of our business to try to figure this stuff out, unless that fighter specifically ask you for YOUR help. Keep your opinions to yourself IF they are negative.

There are obviously different levels of respect too..kind of like a pyramid with the pioneers of martial arts at the top. Those who gave us the most deserve the most respect. I think we all know who are in the elite elite class of martial artists and fighters.

Cheating or taking steroids is wrong period. You shouldnt get away with that. The sport should be fair or at least as close to fair as possible. If you take steroids personally I think you are a closet homosexual or have some SERIOUS psychological and or emotional problems. I totally agree with everything Bas Rutten says about steroids.

I understand that gambling help build the UFC and gambling is all over. Youre right evil and greed is all over. Should we accept it? Thats up to how much we all want to bend the rules for ourselves. Me, personally I dont gamble or accept it in my life. If we have money to gamble away then we arent utilizing it properly. You wonder why there are so many starving people in the world. Wasted money. Chasing the golden calf.

Hey, you all might not choose to have God in your lives, but I do. I try to lead a good life and make good decisions. Having fun is one thing, gambling and becoming obsessed about money or power is wrong and everyone knows it.

Everyone here can hate on me and call me dumb, but Im a religious and spiritual man and I dont believe in gambling. Others may agree with me, and others may disagree with me, but Im entitled to my opinion and am allowed to voice it. This thread isnt about gambling though, its about FIGHTER BASHING and how wrong it is.

MMA has changed for the better and for the worse. Its more mainstream now and therefore there is more corruption and politics involved. Cmon now? How many threads on here have been about how little these fighters really make? The sport isnt about the fighters anymore. Its all about money, power and ratings, further diluting it from its true state. Its not about honor anymore. Its about commercialism and capitalism.

Its dumb cliche announcing targeted at the typical American toolbag, combined with one after the other after the other of commericals. Just fight already. How many times do fighters have to slip on ad banners in the ring before we take them out of the ring? Maybe all the threads about the Ken Shamrock vs. Rich Franklin being a work, wouldnt exist who knows?

Why cant the UFC VOLUNTARILY give the fighters at least a few seconds to thank some sponsors to make some money for their families? Instead they cant wait to snatch that mike back. Because its not about the fighters. They are expendable sadly. They just gave up their body for all of our entertainment and we cant pay them FAIR wages or let them thanks some sponsors. Its messed up. Monopolys are BAD guys. Wake up people.

^^^ you said "snatch"

Molesting kids= WRONG!

Criticizing Fighters= part of the sport

Criticizing fighters DISRESPECTFULLY is wrong. Its ok to comment on a fight or fighter, but dont fighter bash or be disrespectful. You wonder why the big guys dont post here all the time. Its because this place is over run with trolls! Get em out...or ignore there stupid posts or fighter bashing. Its rude and will hurt the sport in the long run.

On the other hand, criticizing other posters is not only okay, it's very entertaining.

You can respect fighters and criticise them as well, respectfully. Fans have the right to express their opinions. But I don't think we should do it in a disrespectful or malicious way.<<<

I agree with can critique a fighter's performance without being disrespectful or bashing the fighter. However, there is a lot of malicious bashing that goes on in these MMA forums and that's totally un-called for.

let's go one further, let's not ever criticize anyone or anything. we can all hold hands in the sunshine, and usher in a new age of love and understanding. peace will reign supreme, and there will be no conflicts, no reason to fight. Wait a minute .... F++k that!!!

p.s. any criticism would be appreciated thanks.

I's a fighting site. Everyone here likes to fight.

All Im saying is dont bash fighters. Dont be MEAN or a jerk. Dont be "THAT" guy to be the one who crosses the line with your words. There are different "levels" of discussion and different "levels" of disrespect. Discuss something without being a cocky @ss*hole. If you dont fight, compete, or SERIOUSLY train let just keep your mouths shut about what "you" would do UNTIL you try competing. Otherwise go try working for ESPN, or a newspaper. Go dig up a story somewhere else WHERE YOUR OPINION actually matters. We all have the right as fans to evaluate, just dont be an @ss*hole about it.

On here you are a dime a dozen, UNLESS you have a positive message and get it out to the commuinity or have a classy attitude about yourself or you are a posting fighter on here.

Its awesome that we can commuicate with lets say Pat Miletich or Phil Baroni (who I dont even really like but still VERY much respect. LOTS OF HEART) But if we are mean to these fighters, THEY ARENT GOING TO POST HERE and we lose that convenience.

I mean no offense but a fighter's "opinion" to me counts WAY more than a fan. There are millions of fans, but not as many true fighters. Any fighter should be held in more respect than any keyboard warrior or casual fan. Look at how respectful the Japanese fans were to the fighters in Pride. There is almost like a hierchy of MMA and respect.

Dont be malicious and mean tho. How hard is it to be courteous and respectful to fighters regardless of their record? Obviously some fighters deserve to be treated better than others. But still just because you may be a deush outside of the ring, doesnt mean that you arent a good fighter IN THE RING.

Classier fighters deserve the most respect for example, Randy, Bas, Sakuraba and Fedor just to name a few. Respect may change so to speak by a fighters outside the ring attitude and how they carry themselves among their "fans." As fans, we all know who are the @ss*ole fighters and who are the cool guys to talk with. Or if we dont know now, we will find out soon enough. Just treat them accordingly and use your BEST judgement. Alot of things said and discussed in this forum is done so in a very disrespectful manner or fashion.

And flat out regardless of what you feel about the "career" or fight background of Bruce Lee, he should command respect from EVERYONE. He helped bring MMA to where it is today. He was choking/arm barring guys HOW LONG AGO in Enter the Dragon? He inspired the guys that we all as fans look up too now. Plus he never beat his wife and was a good father to his kids. Plus, why dont we go as Master Inosanto on what he thought of Bruce. Or dont people respect Master Inosanto either?

Only evaluate and decide with proven facts, not just UNEDUCATED opinions or coulda, woulda shoulda's


You forget that there can be mitigating circumstances to off color remarks towards particular fighters.

Some fighters have good skills, but for whatever reason, be it ego, arrogance or shear stupidity, have more than EARNED any disparaging comments towards them.

Good examples:

1.)  Frank Shamrock

2.)  Ken Shamrock

3.)  Tim Sylvia

4.)  Gabe

5.)  Tito Ortiz

I'm sure there are others that can be added to the list, but these examples clearly have EARNED a certain amount of critcism over the years for MANY reasons.  You have your opinion as is your right, but others also have the right to voice theirs as well.


Yea agreed. Im not a big fan of any of those fighters you named, but I still respect them for getting in there and laying it on the line.

Outside the ring though, you are correct. They all have big egos which for a fan, is a huge turnoff. I surely would be going out of my way to meet ANY of the above listed.