Critics Speak - EA MMA Squashes Undisputed

If you google some reviews (noticeably IGN's) you will notice that the gaming world is hailing EA Sports MMA as one of the best new franchises and a future sports game of the year candidate. It is clearly MUCH better than Undisputed, and could become the best sports game as they continue to improve new versions. THQ sucks.

stickapple - It's about what the article said more than the score. Did you read it? Have you played it? It's vastly superior.

nobones - not enough "interesting players"? Hahaha okay.

Anti zuffa trolls. Anything not zuffa is the greatest thing ever!

lol @ stickapple, he is shilling hard since he joined

those nickels must be adding up!

aznstar_inc - Anti zuffa trolls. Anything not zuffa is the greatest thing ever!

Yeah those pesky video game reviewers sure hate Zuffa. Three obvious things. Career mode, actual online play (not to mention amazing online play), and a great submission game.

liquidrob - lol @ stickapple, he is shilling hard since he joined

those nickels must be adding up!

I know it's pathetic.

nobones - Seriously do you work for EA? I played it and it's good but not great. Not enough interesting players, I hate using the analog stick for striking I have learned to deal with it but I truly hate it and spamming soccer kicks and takedowns becomes repetitive and boring. Both games are great MMA games but that's not saying much. As regular sports games all I saw was a whole lotta aight.

 You have the option of switching to button mashing for striking......

That still doesn't make it any funner to ME however...LOL

seems all of the game review sites love EA MMA over undsiputed 2010. IGN said there are things EA will have to fix but the game overall is much better than what THQ released.

Career mode and online makes ufc shit IMO Phone Post

Zuffa shills and EA shills go to war!

IMO UFC was fun but had way too many problems and there career mode sucked.

EA MMA is fun as hell, no online problems, and the gameplay is customizable, and the career is actually decent.

EA MMA won by a long shot, I didn't think it would happen either. I thought the game was gonna be shit, I was wrong.

EA MMA has the fencing response, aka that science thingy which causes severly KO'd fighters' arms to go all goofy.

EA MMA wins!

The computer doesn't spam TD's at all. I can be fighting Zaromskis or Manhoef and be smokin them standing but they never shoot.

Best mma game



EA Sports MMA Reviews

Other reviews of EA Sports MMA
Cheat Code Central * 4.1 / 5 Oct 19, 2010
GameShark * A- Oct 19, 2010
Official Xbox Magazine * 9 / 10 Oct 19, 2010
GamePro * 4.5 / 5 Oct 19, 2010

funk samurai - Best mma game

well finishing 1st in a race of 2 games means something i guess lol

LMAO. DEFINITELY not a game of the year candidate. It's not better than Undisputed in my opinion. But it's pretty damn fun. It still feels like you are skating around and still very awkward but it's definitely an enjoyable game. I've barely played it and I can tell it's easily worth my $58 bucks.

By the way, the online play blows the water out of Undisputed. I have waited maybe 10 total seconds altogether waiting for an opponent! I can pick it up and play it online at any time and that kicks ass. It does lag some but nowhere NEAR Undisputed. The EA servers just totally rape Undisputed's servers. 

BUT, the submission game kind of sucks. IDK, I don't like tapping a button to apply or escape a submission, it's lame. Finding the sweet spot is kind of difficult for me, but it's much better then tapping a button, for sure.

Unseen -  <div class="head"><div class="wrap"><h2 class="module_title">EA Sports MMA Reviews</h2></div></div><table summary="Other reviews of EA Sports MMA"> <caption>Other reviews of EA Sports MMA</caption> <tbody> <tr> <td class="site"><a rel="popup:blank nofollow" href=""&gt;Cheat Code Central</a> *</td> <td class="score">4.1 / 5</td> <td class="date">Oct 19, 2010</td> </tr> <tr class="alt"> <td class="site"><a rel="popup:blank nofollow" href=""&gt;GameShark&lt;/a> *</td> <td class="score">A-</td> <td class="date">Oct 19, 2010</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="site">Official Xbox Magazine *</td> <td class="score">9 / 10</td> <td class="date">Oct 19, 2010</td> </tr> <tr class="alt"> <td class="site">GamePro *</td> <td class="score">4.5 / 5</td> <td class="date">Oct 19, 2010</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

UFC Undisputed Reviews

Cheat Code Central - 4.4/5
GameShark - B+(3 empty blocks vs 2 empty blocks)
Official Xbox Magazine - 9/10
GamePro - 5/5

Other than GameShark the same exact reviewers gave UFC Undisputed higher scores. In the end it's not gonna matter much. Without the same marketing push and fighter interest that the UFC game had along with the terrible timing of the games launch(same week as Fallout, Castlevania, Fable III, Assasins Creed, and several others this game is gona have a rough time making sales.

downloading other players CAFs is awesome. fighters I have downloaded for free.

anderson silva
chuck liddell
igor v
wanderlei silva
shogun rua
rampage jackson
kj noons
cro cop

career mode is awesome too and i like being able to pick between analog and buttons for striking. Undisputed was good but I will be playing EA MMA a lot longer then I did UFC 2010.