critique my diet, please

OK, some background:

I'm 33, 6'0", 180 pounds, have been athletic all my life, a bit of a "hard gainer".  current BF is approx. 15%.  My goals are to gain muscle and get rid of excess BF (if possible to do both simultaneously).  I's like to be around 190 at 10% BF.  my training consists of weights 3x per week and I'll be restarting muay thai and BJJ soon, probably 3x per week (at that point I may pull back on weights to 2x per week).

I recently adopted a new diet because my training is fairly solid and consistent, but I had never really paid attention to my diet.  here are the things that make up my diet (not everything in one day of course):

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • fish
  • steak once per week (filet mignon)
  • lots of vegetables
  • lots of fruits
  • yogurt
  • whole rolled oats (real oatmeal)
  • whole wheat pasta
  • white rice once per week
  • yams
  • mixed nuts (unsalted, no sugar added)
  • fat free cottage cheese
  • designer whey protein in the AM
  • casein protein powder before bed
  • approx. 1 gallon bottled water per day

I think that's it.  everything I've eaten in the past week comes from that list.  I am shooting for about 120g+ of protein per day.

any comments, criticism, suggestions?

thanks in advance for all replies.

Looks good, everything is in moderation. Combine protein with carbs, or protein with some fats, but combining fat and carbs should be avoided.

one other question: is it OK to eat the whole wheat pasta? it has about 10g protein per serving and about the same in carbs...

but is it a "processed carb" and therefore evil?

Wheat pasta is a lot lower on the GI index than white pasta. You will be fine eating it.

that's pretty much the same as my diet, except I don't eat meat.

As for pasta, white rice etc, like Cassidy says, moderation is the key. If the western world could all just eat stuff off that list I'm guessing cardiologists would have an easier life.