Critique my workout

Hey all, I'm not a full time weight lifter by any means. Most of the week, I'm doing either JJ or Muay Thai, but I do want to supplement my training with weights.

I figured I can commit to lifting 2x per week. I'd like to do more, but being realistic, it's pretty hard on my body to do more with everything else I'm doing. Being 30 , with a full time job and girlfriend sucks sometimes! :)

So, here's my general workout plan, all of these are 4 sets of 4-8 reps each, as heavy as I can manage.

Day 1: Squats, bench press (chest), bent over barbell row (back), and lying barbell extensions (triceps).

Day 2: Deadlift, Romanian deadlift, military press (shoulders), barbell curl (biceps).

Obviously, I'm going for compound exercises. Does anyone have any suggestions on something I'm clearly missing or something that is unnecessary? Any other recommendations? Please keep in mind, I work out in my garage with a squat rack as my main piece of equiptment.

Many thanks in advance!

pitkanen, pretty similar to my base workout. Only basic movement you appear to be missing is a downward pulling motion such as a chin.

People will probably tell you that you can leave out the curls. I do them because they make my arms look better (at last I'm honest).

I work from my base workout but do 4-6 week cycles focussing on one area at a higher intesinty than the rest. For instance at the mo I am focussing on my squat, therefore I use a 5x5 protocol on my squat and add a couple of assistance excercises for the muscles used in the squat. (romanian squats, lunges, SLDL). Next month is Bench month 5x5 on bench and add in Close grip, incline, decline work etc.

Thanks for the reply CockneyBlue.

By the way, how many times per week do you lift? And which exercises do you do together? I've been going back and forth on the best combination for working muscle groups together (e.g. bench press & triceps in the same workout).


I lift twice a week, Bench on both (heavyish on one, lighter on the other) squat on the day that I don't bench heavy and do the majority of the squat assist work on the other day.

So tonight I will be doing Squat 5x5, bench - lightish, lunges, chins and skull crushers. Workout 2 this week I will Bench heavy(er), Romanian squat, SLDL, Barbell curls and overhead press.