crocop story on bittorrent!

yea, that's's a about an hour long, dvd quality. and has subtitles. It shows him training, chilling, and and hanging out. It's really good.
dude...right now it's showing him with his sparring partner, and they are going pretty strong grappling.

totally awsome

where is the link on the bittorrent site?

is it in English?

Where do I find it?

I saw the documentary on him before X-mas sometime. It was pretty cool - the man's crazy ;-) I kinda became a nuthugger after watching the documentary. Those people remind me of the Polish part of my family ;-)

Man, he has a funny laugh.

He is highly skilled with a H&K

Great doc...

Props to mmatorrentz and the guys who subbed the release.

Cro-Cop actually trains at getting choked out! He lets dudes choke him to the breaking point of unconciousness to 'train' himself in withstanding them!


Cro-Cop is a dangerous man.


please post a link

is bittorrent safe? what's the deal?

Cro Cop Story

What type of file is that? How can I view it?

you need to install BitTorrent to be able to download it

good shit!

How do I download the crocop stuff? I do not understand the "" stuff. Could somone put it on Kazaa or something that even not so computer skilled guys can understand?

ttt for later

Go there:

Install the software then come back on here and click on the link i posted, download will start.

Which mirror should i install, can you download the file to your computer when you have done that?

LOL @ him saying:

"FEAR: I am afraid of snakes, aggressive girls, and loose dogs over 60 kilograms."

What's wrong with just downloading it from BitTorrent? Why bring Kazaa into it?

Just get BT, it's much faster.

Also, consider using BSplayer to view it with subtitles.