Cuban will destroy Dana White

Cuban knows how to treat the athletes, something White hasn't a clue about.

Cuban will show Dana how the cow ate the corn.

Mark it pun intended

Yeah! Just like Calvin Ayres and Gary Shaw did!

Deja Vu.

we've learned from bodog... just cause your wallet is bigger doesn't mean you win in mma

The thing with Cuban is he will attract mainstream companies (like Nike/Adidas/Coke, etc.) because he already deals with those guys.

He makes some great points and I can only imagine that fighters will get paid more but I wonder if the sport will become more spectacle or more like the 4 major sports where the athletes are no londger approachable.

I would like to see one organization, doesn't matter which, sign all the best and let us finally see the fights we want to see, and true champions emerge. Even if it's just for a few years.

The talented fighters from Pride coming over to the UFC has shown us it's easy to form misconceptions about just how good fighters are unless they face the rest of the talent.

So let HDnet, Bodgog, EliteXC, etc. keep going like they are, and give up an comers a place to fight and earn money there in the minor leagues.

Hockey players aren't approachable? I'm pretty sure 95% of the population of the USA couldn't recognize 99% of the players in the NHL.

UFC is a brand that people know.  It already has the best fighters, or most of them, and it's on TV all the time.  Hell, I saw a UFC commercial on the other day and it was the CMT channel, lol.

It's going to be almost impossible to catch the UFC and Dana.  He's going to lose his expensive shirt, imo.

He is not going to try to destroy Dana. That is not his style. He will seek to grow the popularity of the sport thru his own production.

Dana grew up with fighting. Cuban just wants to make money. He will realize that his startup wont make him nearly the ammnt of money that he wants. Besides Id venture to say the Fertitas have more money than Cuban

Over saturation, he'll fail. The good thing is that some fighters will collect paychecks.

LOL @ Fertita's having more money than Cuban!!!!

You see, Cuban makes the Forbes list of worldwide BILLIONAIRES, Fertita's, nowhere to be found. Get real, dude!

Cuban knows how to deal with athletes and will pay up, UFC won't

UFC will be the Arena league in 5 years...CUBANPwn3D

Oh, Delicious!

"Cuban knows how to deal with athletes and will pay up, UFC won't"

Actually UFC already pays the best. The guys from Pride got raises to come fight for the UFC.


na! dana is the man!!!

"Cuban knows how to treat the athletes"

very true.  probably the best owner towards his players in any sport. 

just a regular dude who hit it big.  good for him.

LOL @ thinking it'll be difficult to dismantle the ufc. i'm not saying it's going to be easy or if it's even mark cuban's objective, but you guys talk like ufc has been popular for ages. let's not forget that it has ONLY RECENTLY been accepted into the mainstream. this is not a situation like the xfl trying to overtake the nfl years ago.

fighters go where the money is at and where they're treated with respect. cuban's shown that he can take a professional sports team to the top (almost)...nothing tells me he couldn't do it with an mma event. as MMA fans, you guys should be happy about this...competition can only be good for the sport.

"competition can only be good for the sport."

yessir, and that competition is all about money and cuban has lots of it and isn't scared to throw it around.  now these guys will get paid what they deserve, when their contracts run out with other organizations, of course.  it will be interesting to watch the bidding wars, though. 

Pride will destroy the UFC, K-1 will destroy the UFC, WFA, IFL, Bodog, Showtime will all destroy the UFC. Now it's Mark Cuban will destroy the UFC. If you people hate the UFC so much, why do you talk about it every day, get a life. If you don't like it, don't watch it. This forum is full of a bunch of 12 year olds. I'm sure Mark Cuban will use all his time and money just to beat the UFC, it will be the main focus of his life no matter how much it costs. Just like if Dana messes with Fedor, Putin and the Russian special forces will make him pay for it, grow up losers.