Cung Le.....gonna be on top?

so anyone think Cung Le is gonna be a strong force. He is 3-0 mma so far all first round....i was watching his strikeforce kickboxing match earlier, and he kept sweeping and throwing his opponent down..ref stopped it in second round, he had like 7 takedowns/sweeps/throws/.......stand up is obvisouly good....i don't know about his ground game besides he has some nice throws? anyone know about his ground skills?

The most I saw of him was on that MSNBC special Warrior's Nation. It is still too soon to tell. I do know he was also a JC Sate Champion out of CA, which means he is going to have some pretty good wrestling.

cool.....didn't know that, but your right still too soon, but i have faith and after his bout with Tony Fryklund we will have a better look

I don't think he'll get by The Freak.

I think the fight with Fryklund will tell us a lot, so far his opponents haven't exactly been top draw.


How old is Cung Le?

he destroyed Carter in Sanshou...

He would be exposed by any top 30 MMAer in his weight class.

Yes, they keep showing his fight vs Shealy.

^^Hmm. You really believe that frank?

You really think he'll be "exposed"? Not trying to argue with you, just curious where you think he's so underdeveloped that he'll get exposed?

I don't think you can write him off. He stopped Von Flue pretty easily. He
is adavncing his career step-by-step which is very smart.

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That's a lot more than 30 off the top of my head.  And there are plenty more.

lol at list above......all those people would not take him out.....he may not be the best now, but i'm saying he is gonna be a name

I said I could list 30 that could.  And there ARE 30 at 185 who would beat CL.  That's about half as many as I could have posted.  Shit, Mike Pyle, Semenov, etc

I think Cung Le has a real good chance of making it big. I think he's about 33, and in his awesome shape he could easily fight til 40. I guess his next fight will tell us more, but he has been in the fight game a long time and maybe he is new at MMA, but I think his ring experience and conditioning will help a lot, besides the fact that he is awesome at San Shou which can definitely help in the takedown department. I am sure if he makes it big some fighters are gonna be like "shit, I learned BJJ, wreslting, muay thai, now I gotta learn how to defend and use San Shou.


only 3 MMA fights so too early to tell. They should put him on TUF with other fighters with similar MMA records and see how he does.

I agree he has a ton of talent. His fight against Fryklund should tell us more.

I hope he is successful because he is exciting!

I don't think age is a factor with Cung. He's 33 and age has no where near caught up to him. I agree with the guy who said he could fight until he's 40.

I'm not knocking his age, I just kinda thought he was a little older than that. It seems like I've been hearing about CL for ages.

Heck, I'd love to see him in MMA!

Cung is 35 could fight till he's 40 but most likey will not....