Curran vs Fabiano

Its time

Big Frog by Big Beatdown

I have to go with the big frog here.

Considering Curran has 31 fights (probably more) to Fabianos 4 it is an easy pic to go for Curran. But I wouldn't underestimate Fabiano.

Of course Curran has the power of the London area nuthuggers, so he can't lose :P.

Don't underestimate the power of the London area nuthuggers. :) 1-part Dougie + 1-part Canario is a lethal combination. It's like mixing polystyrene and gasoline.


Oh come on, it's not as if I sit around in a Jeff Curran Rashguard all day.

Ok, maybe I do.....but it's my day off........leave me alone.......

dude, channel 17 sucks, I'd turn it if I were you.

That would be 47, watching Saved by The Bell on TBS


Also, my parrot Horatio by TKO, Round 3

saved by the bell is great

Canario, stop playing the parrot card. We know that's the cage your parents put you in when they go out. They are tired of you peeing and shitting on the carpet.

FYI, Dougie, did you know that both of Canario's parents are cops?


The following message is brought to you by Horatio walking on the keyboard:

dfsj v x7GHG

oh, I didn't know it was saved by the bell. pls carry on.

LOL! is Canario screech or Slater?

Screech's body with Slater's takedowns

Wagnney by decision 100% sure.



Wagnney not showing up on time for the weigh-in, 100% sure.


How many people want to bet Canarios parrot can say the following:

Hordecki by KO
Team Curran Rocks

And various other inspirational words of wisdom from

I'll take that bet.

Horodecki KOed 4/5 of his opponents, and Jeff's record speaks for itself.

That's one smart fuckin' bird. :)