Curran vs Serra. Predictions?

Serra has a lot working for him in this fight, because Curran is usually fights at 145, and is taking this fight on short notice.

However Curran is tough as nails. He has VERY good Bjj, and sick thai boxing.

Im going with Curran by late TKO

your kidding right?

Serra by anything he wants to Rd 1

Serra via utter pyrotechnic ground domination.

i'll be rooting for curran but i say serra by judges decision

i cant see serra completely dominating the ground game

Serra should tap Curran in the first. Curran wont stop Serras takedowns and Serra who is MUCH bigger and MUCH better on the ground should dominate positioning.

BIG FROG will win!

That is all.

I don't think anybody can dominate Curran on the ground...not even Serra

But I think Serra will win a decision

Serra by naked choke or some sort of Sub

Serra by pimp smacks from mount Rd. 1

Serra will fight like a muthafucking mad-cow ninja.

I'll go with Serra by strikes on the ground. Curran is tough though, just not big enough. His best chance is a standing KO.

lmao at Serra submitting Curran.

He didn't submit Edwards, Thomas, or Carter. He won't be submitting Curran.

Ide say it will be Serra by boring decision.

All 3 of those guys have 10-25 pounds on Curran. Serra can fight at 175, Curran can fight at 145. The weight will make a big difference.

cut the weight excuse matt aint ever fighting at 175 Never has .They both will weigh in around 155 CurrAN wont be 145 and Matt wont be 160

Curran's not gonna like it!

Although I believe Serra's gonna take this one, I'm actually anxious to see Curran fight, after hearing so much about him and him coming to this Forum.

Serra by bicep slicer in the first 30 seconds.

Curran via KO

I think anyone who is counting Jeff out so easily is crazy. He actually has a good shot at winning this. He is very tough and game to fight anybody.

I'll go with the big upset......Curran.