Cybex... an incredable machine

About 3 weeks ago I did my bodyfat analysis, Im 6'0 and 228. I was at 11.2% bodyfat. That was prior to any cardio, and not really a proper diet. Since then I have been taking protien shakes 2 to 3 times a day, watching what I eat, using a lot of steamed vegtables for my carb intake and chicken/pork/fish for my meat protien. And I started using cybex set for 15 minutes, right after my workouts, 3 to 4 times a week. This thing is absolutly amazing for fat loss, my heart rate gets up to 140-150 beats a minute and Im burning close to 250 calories in 15 minutes. I cant even get my heart to beat that fast runing 6 miles in 90 degree weather in the summer. And its sooo freakin easy on my joints.

the reason Im talking about it is because I see all these threads about loosing fat. I am gaining muscle using this because its not killing my muscles with over cardio, but the intensity of it in short term every other day is definantly melting my fat off. My bloodpressure is down now as well.

Im a cardiac nurse and check it about every other night. Before it was about 128/72 heart rate 62-68 beats a minute. Now Im at around 118/60 never over 120, and my resting heart rate is close to 54-58 beats a minute, never over 60. I can see my abs, and in 3 more weeks Im going to do the body fat anylisis again. Guys, if your looking for a good fat melter during winter... give this a shot after your workouts. Do hill interval and set it at level 3 at first for intensity. Its incredable.

Good job!

I just checked my heart rate at one of those sit down ones they
have in grocery store/pharmacy and it said my resting heart rate
was 47!!

I think it is accurate since I play soccer and kickbox. My friend
and I have also been doing tabata thrusters as a warm up before
we workout so I'm sure that helps.

I think I read somewhere that the lowest human heart rate per
minute was like 28 bpm. The heart was from an olympic bike
sprinter. Pretty cool.

What Cybex machine are you speaking of?

whats a cybex machine?

its similiar to an eliptical but with longer strides.

We had a patient the other night with a resting heart rate of 24-26. She wasnt exactly healthy though :) its kind of funny because she moved like a sloth. Like her whole body was functioning on another level of time then everyone else. A very slow motion time. We got worried because her heart jumped up to 45 beats a minute at night and she was complaining of chest pain... lol it was freaky.

There's a name for that condition, but for the life of me I can't remember it...

Are you talking about the Cybex Arc-Trainer? If so, I have my guys use it all the time.


Thats it man. I love it. I do 15 minutes of that and 15 minutes of a rowing machine after my workouts and Im feeling pretty cooked.

thyroid myxedema?


about the other subject, she was a lady with a 40+ year psych history with just about everything from bi-polar disorder, to schizophrania, to add to ocd, and has been on just about every psych med known to mankind. Thyriod was an issue, but nothing more than just about every patient that I have over the age of 50 and required 125 of synthroid in the morning which isnt that huge. Her metabolic statis was more atributed to her long term psych med history.

I don't want to start sounding like Tom Cruise or anything but... her problems probably were ultimately made worse by all the meds combined with some serious nutritional imbalances.


Cybex makes good machines. Of course, they make a LOT more than just the arc trainer, and their weight machines are pretty sweet too. As a trainer who often trained people who only wanted to use machines let me say that on many cybex weight machines you can move the forced plane of motion out so far (on a dual axis machine) that it's the next best thing to actually lifting dumbells.

Not only that, but i have been looking into companies that can equip a new gym and from what i've found so far, cybex has the greatest variety of products and services, combined with financing options and so on. I plan to meet with someone from cybex eventually, and i'll report back on what i think about their mission and so on.

As far as the arc trainer goes, i use it if i need a replacement for the Precor with the arms.