cyborg thought it was over???

that was crazy...... she thought it was over... wow ...i was there and it was great............your thoughts?

She had the time to take a celebration break and then come back and finish the job.

and you are still shocked? it was last night

He has post traumatic stress disorder, Mfah.

mfah - and you are still shocked? it was last night


It was over...only the ref didn't know it yet.

If you're going to serve me MMA, learn the language, imo.


Mazzagatti is such an idiot. I'm not sure who is dumber, Cyborg for celebrating when the fight was not called off, or Mazzagatti for being indecisive and having no idea how to respond.

ahhh...a fighter got knocked down, but went to a defensive position. Ref monitored closely to see if Cyborg would finish and instead she ran the other way. I though mazzagatti was correct in not stopping it. Too often when a fighter gets knocked down the ref stops it immediately....I like the fact that he waited to see if she was gonna get finished.

Cyborg is stupid for walking away before the ref waved it off.

She thinks it's all over... it is now.

 ref asked shayna if she wanted to continue, she said yes

I wouldnt have seen a problem with stopping it at that point, shayna could barely keep her mouthpeice in & had no answers standing but to close her eyes, looked down & swing in

 It was fantastic.

"It was over...only the ref didn't know it yet."

LOL! Exactly.

Shayna should have just stopped with the first knockdown. The second one was twice as brutal.

they should give her 2 wins

Huerta#1Fan - the problem is that mazagatti actually TOUCHED cyborg, which gave her the impression it was over

Ill have to rewatch the fight for that, but if thats the case it should have been over

I'm glad they let it continue... was very impressive to watch how long Shayna lasted and how much punishment she took... showed she has a lot of heart and does not give up easily...


EliteXC Shayna Baszler vs Cristiane Cyborg
by kaelito

Watching Lesnar Mir fight again, man he really blew that one. Should have let it go or atleast warned him about punching not just stop it and take away points.